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Why is the whole house custom made so popular for so long?

Why is the whole house custom made so popular for so long?


1. Accurately grasp the home improvement style

When customizing furniture in the whole house, you don’t need to correct the size and style that can’t be completely matched. Consumers can take the designer to look at their favorite custom furniture first, and tell him the size, the designer can learn about the style you like through the furniture, and integrate his design into the product to make the whole home style Unite. In addition, the designer can also make some changes in the room layout according to the size of the furniture, and consumers do not have to abandon some of their favorite furniture in order to cater to the design style.

2.Design the space according to the furniture

Generally, when funds allow, many families give some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets and Duobaoge to decoration companies in order to save trouble. Most people think that this process not only saves time and effort, but also avoids buying furniture by themselves. The problem of inappropriate size. However, one thing that has been overlooked is that the decoration companies pay too much attention to the ability to use, and cannot meet the needs of consumers' fashion personality. However, the whole house can be customized to solve this problem well. Book your own furniture in advance and make slight adjustments to the space to install your favorite furniture in your home.

3.Reduce unnecessary expenses

In the eyes of many people, the price of custom-made furniture is not cheap. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Custom-made furniture is a way to effectively control the cost of decoration. Everyone who has renovated knows that although they have made a good plan, the final decoration style will basically exceed the original budget, because there are often some unpredictable additions during the decoration process, such as a few more cabinets. The few cabinets that don't seem to be in person will naturally consume more labor and materials, the construction period will also be lengthened, and the decoration costs will also be spent a lot. However, the whole house wood customization is a one-stop service, which can effectively avoid this problem, let you spend time in your home improvement, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

4.Save worry, effort and time

Nowadays, many consumers prefer pure imported furniture. However, there is a waiting period of at least one month for pure imported furniture, because it takes a certain amount of time for production and transportation. You might as well settle down the furniture before decorating, not just the wardrobe and cloakroom. What is this for? One can allow the designer to have a goal, and the other can save yourself from blindly searching and wasting time. When the decoration is over, the customized home can also be delivered to the installation, so that the time of moving can be at least half a month in advance, which is in the true sense. Why not do it without worry, effort and time?

The whole house wood customization perfectly solves the modern people’s pursuit of individuality and a comfortable lifestyle. Through customized life, people can enjoy relaxing leisure time in the fast-paced life, have a pleasant natural environment, improve happiness index, and enjoy the whole house. The slow life brought by wood customization.

Slow life is inseparable from the top ten brand trees and life of the whole house customized wood! The materials of all series products of Tree·Life are derived from nature and advocate a "green and healthy life" lifestyle. Tree and life are controlled by layers of craftsmanship, strictly implement safety and environmental protection standards, adhere to technology leadership and honest service, and are committed to customizing a healthy, comfortable, high-quality, and high-quality home life for people!

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