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What is whole house customization, and what are the benefits of whole house customization?

What is whole house customization, and what are the benefits of whole house customization?


What is whole house customization, and what are the benefits of whole house customization?

In recent years, in the home furnishing market, the subdivision of whole-house customization can be described as a sudden emergence, but many consumers are still relatively vague about this concept. What exactly is whole house customization? Whole house customization is a home customization solution that integrates home design, customization, installation and other services. Whole house customization is a consumer's exclusive home made by home furnishing companies based on large-scale production and according to consumer design requirements. . In layman's terms, it is custom-made panel furniture, using panels to make furniture, including integral wardrobes, integral bookcases, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets, cloakrooms and other products.

Nordic style bedroom customization

Four major benefits of whole house customization:

1: Personalized customization, uniform style and high value

With the improvement of the quality of life, consumer demand for furniture is not only limited to practicality, but also increasingly prominent in appearance and personality. The whole house customization can not only make reasonable use of the space, but also choose a more suitable board, style and color according to the decoration style of the home, so that the furniture and decoration can be coordinated, the style is more suitable, and the amount can be based on the user's personality and living habits. Tailor-made, fully embodying his unique taste and attitude towards life.

Two: One-stop service, save worry, effort and time

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, especially for office workers, they have very little time at their own disposal. It is rare to have free time. To catch up with the home to decorate, you have to run around in various building materials and home furnishing markets. It takes a lot of time and energy to compare prices, craftsmanship, design, etc.! The whole house customization can provide consumers with one-stop services of consulting, design, sales, installation, and after-sales, which greatly simplifies the entire decoration process and truly saves customers in all aspects and saves time and effort.

Nordic style living room customization

Three: Utilize space to the extreme

In cities where every inch of land is expensive, for the vast majority of consumers, they hope that every space in the home can be fully and reasonably utilized. However, traditional furniture is simply unable to meet the problems of house type, size and other issues, especially when encountering some special-shaped spaces, standardized products cannot meet the demand at all. Avoid corner pillars and customize U-shaped cabinets; in case of sloped staircase corners, work and reading corners can be changed skillfully; there are recesses on the wall and customized TV cabinets; these cases all verify the high space utilization rate of customization in the whole house.

Four: worry-free after-sales

In traditional home improvement, different furniture may be provided by different businesses. Once there is a problem in the later stage, it will be very troublesome to deal with. What's more, there may be a situation where no one can be found after the sale, and there is no guarantee at all. . The whole-house customized after-sales service is tracked throughout the whole process. Orders are placed at one time, customized by the factory, and delivered to the door for installation. All problems can be solved with one phone call, and there is no worry about after-sales!

Although the whole house customization has many advantages, it also has some shortcomings, such as inaccurate measuring scale, unreasonable design, and unenvironmental selection of materials! This requires consumers to know the brand and choose a reliable company. Panpan whole-house customization may be a good choice. The brand relies on the integration of R&D, production and sales, E0-level panel environmental protection standards, 8 large-space solution systems, and 5 large-scale solutions. Ten major styles, professional after-sales service and other advantages stand out from the crowd, and won the "2018 Brand Influence Award".

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