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Whole house customization, unbelievable lies

Whole house customization, unbelievable lies


1. E0/E1, I think everyone has been fooled by the merchants, you can rest assured that our plates are of E0 level. But most consumers don't think about whether this standard really exists.

In fact, the national standard no longer has an E0 level standard, and there is only an E1 level, there is no so-called E2 level; therefore, the E0 level is still used outside to fool customers, and there is only one serious professional error. If you encounter this situation in the future, You should know that you are facing a lie marketer who is purely making money. Should this kind of whole-house customization still need to be considered?

2. Is E1 100% environmentally friendly? Be sure to think for yourself and don't be fooled by appearances. This standard will not prove so low-level with a paper certificate. You can get this certificate as much as you want. This is reality; so don't believe it. You have to believe what kind of board you actually use and how much you use, this is the most important thing.

For example, the particle board everywhere can also show you the E1 paper certificate, but you think your home has made dozens of squares and piled them together. Is it environmentally friendly? I've talked about this before. You can read "Total pollution is not an environmental certificate." So, don't believe these silly things in such a chaotic world with material desires. If you use wood-based panels and you believe in environmental protection, this is completely self-deception. .

3. The whole house is customized according to the brand. This is a misunderstanding in itself; the whole house customization includes cabinet panels, cabinet door panels, laminate types, hardware, and paint. For the brand customization you look outside, you can ask which one of them produces? If not, what brand is their customization? "Whole house customization asks the brand, what are you asking? 》

For example, the blister cabinet door you use has a ghost brand. The processing plant buys MDF, buys PVC film, and presses it with your own machine. Where can you trace the brand? Unless it is made by Zhang San, the brand is just Zhang San. Of course, MDF and PVC film have corresponding manufacturers, both of which are regular products.

4. Hardware does not look at the essence, but only shows fame. Many people ask what you use for hinges. DTC doesn’t work. Everyone uses Hettich, and they don’t count the money alone.

In fact, if you think about it, if you didn't pay that money, how could it be possible to use good things for you?

 Any brand has both expensive and cheap. You use the worst brand, it is better to use the best popular brand, which is much more affordable.

And the choice of hinge is related to what kind of board you use. Your home uses defective particle boards for cabinets. 

The projection cost is only 500 yuan. You have to use 200 Blum hinges. This is too wasteful? If it is a wood-based panel, 

you use ordinary DTC to match the grade; if you use imported white or red oak for the cabinet, because the cabinet door is too heavy, 

you can use Blum’s 200 hinges to match it.

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