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Kitchen with shadow line design has been popular with architects from Australia in recent years, this type of detailed design is ubiquitous in urban Melbourne residential apartments with contemporary style kitchen.


Shadow line kitchen cabinet features shadow area with darker color than adjacent panels or wall when viewing your kitchen cabinets at different angle with given distance, which give you unique three- dimension visual experience rather than abstract image merely.


These shadow area appear by recessing fillers or rails, especially handle free rail, from front surface such as door panels or drawer faces, thus to change the path of light reflection on the rebated rail surface, which looks like darker than door panels nearby, then shadow line formed.


Shadow line could be applied not only for hand free rail but also in gaps below:

1. Top line, the gap between ceiling or bulkhead and wall cabinets top panel;

2. Vertical filler between wall and tall cabinets such as wardrobe and pantry;

3. Gap between countertop and under bench cabinets.

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