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Which color is suitable for kitchen countertops?

by:AisDecor      2021-07-30
Which color is suitable forcustom made kitchen cupboards countertops? 1. White texture countertops Usually this kind of white texture countertops are mostly stone, with bright colors, giving people a strong modern feel. This light color is used in a small area kitchen. It can also give the space a sense of extension. Textured white does not make the table too monotonous and brightens the space. Stone countertops also have the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, and resistance to breakage. 2. Pure white countertops look a bit monotonous, but also give people a lively and neat feeling, which is very common in modern decoration styles. The white countertops are mostly artificial stones, such as Caesar stone and coriander. These materials have good antifouling ability and are very convenient for daily cleaning. three. The color of the wood of the wooden countertop always gives a warm feeling. In the wood color, custom made cabinets can also feel a pure and natural feeling. The color of custom made kitchen cupboards countertops is very popular with many people. For some classic wood, it can be used in the kitchen, and the overall space can be balanced. 4. Black countertop The black we are talking about here includes pure black and charcoal. Black countertops usually match white cabinets. This classic color scheme is both beautiful and outdated. The color of this table can present a Gothic style, is not easy to be dirty, and reduces the difficulty of cleaning. 5. Grey countertops Speaking of neutral colors, the first thing we think of is gray. Custom cupboards cabinets are used on the counters of cabinets as a color of various styles. It will not suddenly appear in the kitchen decoration. The gray cabinet is not easy to be dirty, which provides convenience for future cleaning work. 6. Green countertops can often see green in pastoral decorations. Depending on the decoration, the depth of green is also different. This color from nature can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, and cooking in such a kitchen can also make people feel physically and mentally happy.
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