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What factors should be considered in the design and customization of stainless steel cabinets? Pay attention to these four points!

by:AisDecor      2022-02-25
The kitchen is an indispensable room in every family, and stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen are also indispensable. Every family will also design and customize a stainless steel cabinet according to the space of the room. However, many people often have many problems when customizing stainless steel cabinets. They don't know how to start. In fact, we don't need to think so much. When we customize stainless steel cabinets, we just need to pay attention to the following four factors. Let's take a look! (1) The material of the door panel is very important. Stainless steel plate, as the name suggests, is a plate that does not rust, but many people do not know that there are many types of stainless steel plate. For example: 201, 202, 304, 316, etc. 201 If the time is too long, or if the humidity is too high, it will rust. It is recommended to choose 304 base material as the sample preparation of the stainless steel door panel because the cost is reasonable, and the second is that it will not rust. (2) Identify the pros and cons of hardware. Market observation: Hardware is an important part of cabinets. Depending on the nature of the use of the cabinet and the weight of the door cabinet itself, many hinges are difficult to meet the quality requirements required by the cabinet. Inferior slide rails not only cannot be opened freely, but also the drawer is unstable due to the uneven force surface in the slide rail. Expert advice: Rough hinges are usually welded from thin iron sheets, and the door panels fall off due to poor load-bearing. Inferior hinge springs have poor elasticity and no resilience, and will lose elasticity after long-term use, making the cabinet door not tightly closed. A good hinge is formed by one-time stamping, the surface is smooth, the coating thickness is not easy to rust, it is stable and firm, the steel thickness is good, the flexibility is good, the corrosion resistance is good, the base is high, the lever arm is long, and there is no displacement at random positioning. The cabinet drawers with strong load-bearing capacity are connected by sliding rails, and the sliding and pulling are more free. (3) Choose professional design. Market observation: Due to the different sizes and shapes of kitchens, individual requirements for performance and style are also different, so the professionalism of kitchen design is particularly important. From the on-site measurement to the determination of the plan, not only the harmony and unity of the overall style should be considered, but also the rationality of the layout. There are many cases where cabinets cannot be installed due to improper design. Expert advice: ask professional designers to plan the layout of the kitchen according to their own actual conditions, and determine whether the positions of waterways, circuits, and electrical appliances are reasonable; whether the height of the hanging cabinets and countertops meet the ergonomics and the actual needs of the chef; whether the functional partition of the kitchen can ensure normal operation requirements . (4) Service requires strength guarantee. Market observation: When consumers buy cabinets, they often know why but don't know why, because many accessories of the cabinet can only see the quality after they are used, resulting in many hidden quality problems. Only buy with confidence and use with confidence. The above are the four factors that need to be paid attention to when designing and customizing stainless steel cabinets. As long as the above four points are done well, I believe that your customized stainless steel cabinets will meet your expectations. If you want to find a stainless steel cabinet custom manufacturer, you can contact us Bright Home.
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