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What to look for when choosing a custom wardrobe?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-12
Under the premise of sufficient decoration budget, beautiful and suitable customized furniture, especially furniture such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, and tatami, solves the problem of space utilization for many small-sized families, so customized furniture, especially customized wardrobes, have become more and more The mainstream choice for more families. When choosing a custom wardrobe, remember to collect these six points: First, the design must be very careful. Don't be distressed by repeatedly communicating with designers. Only by fully understanding your own needs can you design a satisfactory wardrobe. Clothes, pants and socks have their own pits. Second, the pricing method should be cautious. Whether it is the projected area or the unfolded area, it is necessary to ask whether functional accessories such as hardware are included. Otherwise, you will end up with various markups that exceed your budget. Third, pay attention to the choice of plate. No matter how good the board is touted by the merchant, ask about the thickness of the cabinet, laminate and door, which determines the stability and service life of the wardrobe. Fourth, the design of the cabinet door should not be sloppy. If the distance from the bed is more than 90cm, it is recommended to choose a swing door. The aisle is too small. It is recommended to choose a sliding door. The disadvantage of sliding door wardrobes is that the tracks are easy to fall off dust, and it is difficult to clean. Fifth, the current popular door panel design is a door to the top. It's really pretty. However, Chengdu custom wardrobe manufacturers suggest that if the height exceeds 1.8m, it is recommended to install a straightener to prevent deformation. Sixth, pay attention to the level of finished products. As the saying goes, three points are only seven divisions of labor. The final effect and quality are inseparable from careful installers.
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