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What to look for in the identification of the quality of the overall cabinet

by:AisDecor      2022-02-14
1. There are four kinds of countertop materials: marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, and stainless steel. (1) Marble is no longer suitable for home improvement materials due to its characteristics of being susceptible to moisture, difficult to process, and radiation. (2) The artificial stone is smooth and clear, but it is easy to scratch and the cost is low, which is suitable for families who rarely cook. (3) Although the cost of quartz stone is high, it has high hardness, smoothness and durability, and has gradually become the mainstream material for making countertops. (4) There is no fading of stainless steel countertops, the recycling value is relatively high, environmental protection and no radiation, fire resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and oil resistance are relatively good, but the visual sense is cold and the wear resistance coefficient is poor. 2. The cabinet board is divided into: MDF, solid wood particle board and large core board. Since the characteristics of MDF are no longer suitable for cabinet boards, they can be excluded first. Solid wood particle board is safe, retains the original structure of wood, has strong nail holding power, and is very universal and practical. The wood structure of the large core board is more complete, the amount of glue is less, and the bearing capacity is stronger, but it is expensive. Tips: When purchasing solid wood particle boards, pay attention to whether the manufacturer has the 'Ten Ring Certification' mark or certificate. Open the cabinet and smell the smell. If there is a pungent smell, the material is of inferior quality. If conditions permit, you can check the store to tear off the edge banding of the panel to see if the edge banding process is complete. 3. The door panels are fireproof board, solid wood board, paint board, blister board, super crystal board and crystal board. (1) The fireproof board has the function of fire resistance and flame retardant. It belongs to the green environmental protection material. It has strong processability and can make clear and thorough patterns. The effect is realistic, the three-dimensional effect is strong, and there is no color difference. In terms of physical properties, it has strong bearing capacity, good durability, and the surface is smooth and wear-resistant. (2) The solid wood board is made of logs without excessive processing on the surface. The solid wood material can be engraved with various patterns and shapes, and the more you use it, the brighter it is, and it is very safe. But the cost is very expensive. (3) The color of the paint board is bright, but it is easy to scratch, and it is very troublesome to repair. When purchasing, if possible, do a destructive test on the lacquer board: use your fingers to pinch the surface of the board, if no powder or powder flakes fall off, it means that the coagulation force is strong, and it is a perfect lacquer board. (4) The blister board has rich colors, realistic wood grain, no cracking and no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, and fade resistance. It is the most mature cabinet material, and the daily maintenance is simple. If the home decoration is European style or pastoral style, it is recommended to choose blister. (5) Super crystal panel is a high-brightness door panel. No deformation, no fading, colorful. It is a must-have door panel for all cabinets, and it is also a safe material for furniture. (6) The crystal plate is a kind of high-quality plastic composite material, with smooth surface, bright and transparent, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, wear resistance, scratch resistance, but poor flame retardant performance, and its compressive performance is not as good as the previous ones. type of door panel. 4. Hardware accessories Stainless steel hardware accessories are the best. 5. Structural accessories Check whether the material of the connecting body is corroded and whether the strength is sufficient. If the hinge of the cabinet door is detected, the door can be opened and closed several times, and it is also necessary to observe whether the position of the screw hole is hidden and whether it is in place.
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