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What style is popular in Chengdu whole house customization this year?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-18
There are various home styles, such as Chinese classical style, French romantic style, American elegant pastoral style, modern minimalist style, etc. Each style is a creation of a home space. How to choose a style for the whole house custom furniture? What style is trending this year? Let's take a look at the whole house customization brand in Chengdu. 1. How to choose the style of the whole house custom furniture The home style expresses the owner's beautiful vision for the home and the display of the ideal home. Therefore, the first and foremost point in choosing a home style is the level of love. For a style you don't like, don't use it, even if it fits and costs less. In addition, the style of the home is also closely related to the size of the space. The larger the home area, the lower the relative limitations of the style, and many styles can be realized. The size of the house is small, and there are requirements for style. Small space is more suitable for simple style. , the color of the whole house custom furniture, the shape tends to be more simple. 2. What is the popular family style this year? 1. Elegant new Chinese style New Chinese style is essential. How to design new Chinese style for the whole house? In recent years, Chinese elements have become popular. Many people want to pursue a classic beauty in home decor. Chinese aesthetics has been accepted and loved by more and more young people. The design process of new Chinese furniture is more refined, and the shape is also more symmetrical, so we recommend more reference and design later. 2. The popularity of light luxury is not only this year, but also a few years ago. In fact, this style is more classic, without exaggerated color matching and texture. If you want the effect of light luxury to be better, the area of u200bu200bthe family space should not be less than 120 square meters, and the actual effect of small space decoration may not be particularly good. 3. Minimalist style Minimalist style is suitable for any type of house, no matter the size, the design effect is very good, the style and color of the furniture are mostly simple and elegant, so it is more classic. Chengdu whole house customization manufacturers suggest that the style of home decoration should be combined with the type of house and your own preferences to better create an ideal home.
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