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What should I do if the whole house custom furniture encounters these problems?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-23
In order to meet personal preferences and pursuits in different situations and places, personalized customization has gradually penetrated into various industries. Even houses can be customized design, reasonable storage space, customized design style and their own life attitude can be satisfied one by one. However, there are many problems with whole house customization, such as inappropriate size, delay in construction period, quality of panels and so on. Although whole house customization is convenient, it is more in line with your own home decoration space and style, and can meet your own preferences and personalized pursuits, but there are still many 'routines' for whole house customization. If you want to choose whole house customization, you should pay more attention to these situations. If the board is shoddy, if you need to choose the whole house customization, in the case of shoddy boards, you often need to pay more attention to the material details of some furniture parts marked in the contract. For example, for cabinets, floors, back panels, and partitions are prone to problems, so pay more attention to the material of the panels marked on the order. Products can only be repaired and not returned. In short, this is the 'unspoken rule' of whole house customization. Because it cannot be sold after the return, the merchant basically does not allow returns. According to reports, a customer-made wardrobe has been repaired more than a dozen times, but it has never been repaired. The merchants also expressed their willingness to keep repairing, but will not return or exchange, so when choosing the whole house customization, try to reach an agreement with the merchants on the after-sales service. After full payment, it is difficult to defend the rights of the whole house. Custom furniture usually starts after the design drawings. When the manufacturer produces the furniture, all costs must be paid. Many businesses do this. Consumers are advised to negotiate with merchants in advance. You can ask whether you can pay in installments or settle the balance after the installation is completed to protect the rights and interests of both parties. Another point is to choose a reliable business or brand, so that the quality is more guaranteed.
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