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What should be paid attention to when designing stainless steel cabinets? How to choose a suitable stainless steel cabinet?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-12
The use of kitchens is indispensable in our families. Some family kitchens are not large, but the items are placed very neatly. It is because of household stainless steel cabinets, household stainless steel cabinets are not only beautiful and elegant, but also make the kitchen look more clean and tidy. , so what design factors should we consider when designing household stainless steel cabinets? Let's take a look at it in detail with Zhejiang Bright Home Furnishing Manufacturers! 1. Height design: The top floor of the household stainless steel cabinet should not exceed the owner's 30 cm height. In this case, kitchen utensils are free to use to avoid climbing. 2. Space design: Consider the location of the cigarette machine and its light box to avoid blocking the line of sight. Keep a distance of 50cm between the kitchen counter and the bottom of the cabinet to avoid collision and block light. 3. Light source design scheme: The sunlight on the stainless steel plate kitchen countertops not only comes from the headlights in the dining room kitchen, but also comes from the lighting equipment installed under the closet, which is convenient to prevent back light. It is necessary to fully consider the output power and installation position of the lamp, and effectively block the light to prevent direct exposure to the eyes. 4. Regional setting revision: Keep at least 8 cm distance between the sink and the stove to avoid burns while cooking. 5. Modification of security settings: Whether it is open or closed, there is a certain space and arc. Open radii are also considered when designing the case to avoid walls and themselves. The above are some design factors to be considered in the design of stainless steel cabinets. If you want to have a comfortable kitchen, you must pay attention to the design of stainless steel cabinets, so as to make it more convenient for you to use. If you want to have a professional stainless steel cabinet, please contact us Zhejiang Bright Home Furnishing Factory!
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