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What should be paid attention to when decorating stainless steel cabinets?

by:AisDecor      2021-08-05
1. Correspondingly, it must be waterproof and leak-proof. Many people still have a misunderstanding when decorating the kitchen. They feel that although the kitchen consumes a lot of water, it is not easy to accumulate water, and waterproofing is unnecessary. As we all know, water will seep into the walls and the ground according to the gaps in the tiles. If you don't do waterproofing, the floor and walls will get soaked in about a year. In addition, most of the power supplies are buried in the wall, and humidity will affect the safety of electricity use and the aging of the wires. When decorating, it should be waterproof and set aside a floor drain. 2. Arrange kitchen utensils reasonably. The width of kitchen wall cabinets should be designed to be narrower than the workbench. The hanging objects in the kitchen should be slightly higher than the head according to the height of the user. Generally speaking, for cabinet manufacturers, the distance between range hoods, wall cabinets and stoves should not be less than 60 cm. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the countertop is reserved next to the stove, and the cabinet is customized, so that the hot pot removed from the stove can be placed in time when cooking to avoid burns. The range hood should be near the window. Many people are distressed by 'cooking downstairs, you smell the scent'. There are many reasons for this situation, which are related to the design of the house and the check valve of the range hood. When decorating, check carefully whether the check valve is flexible. You can observe whether the check valve will automatically drop after turning off the power for a few seconds, cabinet customization'> cabinet customization, or whether there is a 'click' sound when the valve is lowered. If it cannot fall flexibly, it may be stuck by oil and needs to be cleaned. On the other hand, check whether the exhaust pipe joint is leaking, whether the gap around the exhaust pipe inserted into the flue port is too wide, and whether the exhaust pipe falls off from the flue port. 3. Choose suitable ceramic tiles and decorative materials. All surface materials in the kitchen should be waterproof, and the floor materials should be non-slip tiles or full-body tiles. What needs to be reminded is that natural stone is not waterproof, and it will be slippery when a large area is wet, and it is very easy to fall. It is better not to use the kitchen floor. Fire is an indispensable energy source for the kitchen. Therefore, surface decoration materials also need to have flame-retardant properties, especially near the stove. When decorating, it is necessary to understand the kitchen decoration, and pay special attention to the layout of waterproof, moisture-proof and ventilated. It is also necessary to comprehensively consider various safety issues. Whether it is home decoration or furniture customization, home safety must be a top priority.
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