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What is the difference between slate and marble?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-18
What is the difference between slate and marble? The first is the difference in price. Marble is a natural stone after all. Mining and labor will greatly increase the cost. Therefore, ordinary families with low budgets will rarely consider using marble. The slate is different. It is both a ceramic tile and a plate. It is a processed product forged from natural raw materials and special materials and processes. The price is naturally much cheaper than the naturally mined marble. Customization, evolved into a variety of furniture, has naturally become the first choice for many home decoration. The second is the difference in density. Marble is a stone. Its density is not very high. It has been used for a long time. If you do not pay attention to daily maintenance, it will be prone to cracks and not hard enough. The slate is pressed and processed by a 10,000-ton-level press. The density of the piece will be much higher than that of marble, and the hardness will be much higher. Even if the slate is cut or chopped for a long time, Still firm and not easily broken. After Z is the difference in care. Marble is a natural stone. There are many details to be paid attention to in daily care and maintenance. The steps are also very cumbersome. The care of a piece of marble may require the use of marble care agents and ammonia water cleaning. Agents and hydrogen peroxide, etc., the whole set is not taken care of and maintained. Slate is different and much simpler to clean and maintain. In daily use, you only need to use a mop to clean the stains on the slate, and the slate can be kept clean, and there is no need for regular and cumbersome maintenance.
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