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What factors should be considered when customizing stainless steel cabinets?

by:AisDecor      2021-07-24
1. The information of the door panel is very important Stainless steel plate, as the name implies: it is also a non-rusting plate, but many people do not know that stainless steel plate has many specifications. For example: 201, 202, 304, 316, etc. 201 If you touch water for too long, or get wet too much, it will rust over time. Homemade stainless steel kitchenware for household use is recommended to choose 304 plate, so that firstly, the cost is reasonable, and secondly, it is not easy to rust. Second, identify good or bad hardware accessories Market observation: hardware accessories are the key component of the cabinet. According to the application characteristics of the cabinet and the net weight of the door cabinet itself, many domestic hinges cannot reach the indispensable quality specifications for the cabinet. Unqualified slide rails are not only uncomfortable to open and pull, because the stress surfaces in the slide rails are uneven, resulting in unstable swinging of the drawer. At this stage, most of the well-known brand cabinets use imported hinges. Expert advice for European cabinets: Inferior hinges are usually welded from thin iron sheets, and cabinets are custom-made, and the door panels are scattered due to the difference in load. Unqualified hinge springs have poor elasticity and no resilience. After a long time, they will lose their elasticity and make the cabinet door not tight. Good hinges are stamped and formed at one time. The surface layer of lubricating coating is thick and not easy to rust. It is strong and strong. Its steel is thick and flexible. Good performance and corrosion resistance, high base, long moment arm, and no displacement of random signs. The cabinet drawers with strong load-bearing potential are connected by sliding rails, making it easier to push and pull. 3. Choose a professional design. Market observation: Due to the difference in the size and shape of the kitchen, the individual's rules for characteristics, styles, etc. are also different. The professionalism of the kitchen design is particularly critical. From the door-to-door measurement at the beginning to the plan after the completion, it is clear that not only the expert advice of European cabinets should be considered: professional designers should plan the kitchen planning and according to their own practical conditions, and understand whether the locations of waterways, circuits, and electrical appliances are reasonable. ; Is the height of the wall cabinet and countertop in line with the ergonomics and practical requirements of the cook; Is the kitchen function partition able to ensure the normal use of the rules? 4. Service must be guaranteed by strength. Market inspection: When purchasing cabinets, the store promises maintenance service and service guarantees, and customers also “know it but don’t know why”. custom made cabinetsmanufacturers'> manufacturers, due to many cabinets The quality of accessories can only be seen after they are used, and many quality risks have been formed. You only need to buy it with peace of mind, and then you can use it with confidence.
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