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What does the overall wardrobe in Chengdu mean?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-16
Chengdu overall wardrobe, also known as wall-mounted wardrobe/custom wardrobe/cloakroom, etc., has become one of the most popular furniture. In China, although the development of the overall wardrobe is still in its infancy, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's understanding of decoration has reached a higher level, and the overall wardrobe has become an indispensable part of modern home decoration. The overall wardrobe is tailor-made and has environmental protection features, which will be destined to become a hot spot for home wardrobes in the next few years. The production process of the overall wardrobe in Chengdu is different from the general purchase of finished furniture. First of all, the designer will have close contact and communication with the user, understand the user's hobbies and their home style, and then measure and design a reasonable overall wardrobe. During this period, the designer will provide computer rendering, and after the user is satisfied, the whole wardrobe will be produced and installed according to the drawing. It seems that the structure of the overall wardrobe is very simple. It seems that several doors are covered inside the cabinet. In fact, today's wall cabinets, if you look carefully, there are many things worth noting. For example, the open style is suitable for all colorful cloakrooms, and it is suitable for the home atmosphere of young people. The sliding door materials available on the Chengdu overall wardrobe market are mainly wood, glass, mirror and other materials. The wood is simple, natural and popular, and the frosted glass door has a good blocking effect, especially under the light mapping, it feels very beautiful. Silver plated glass has a super luxurious feel. Clear glass doors look clear and clean. In addition, there are shutter doors, novelty*. If you need to know other information about Chengdu's overall wardrobe, please contact us.
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