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What details should be paid attention to in the overall cabinet decoration of Sichuan

by:AisDecor      2022-02-21
What details should be paid attention to in the overall cabinet decoration in Sichuan? Knowing this, you will have fewer detours when decorating! The kitchen is a space that we use every day, so we have to do a good job in the planning of the home kitchen space, and we should fully consider many aspects. Let's take a look at the details of the overall cabinet renovation. One is design, the other is construction, and the third is installation. In the design, the requirements should be sorted out first, and the configuration of the necessary equipment and other kitchen utensils should be planned in advance. The kitchen mainly has gas water heaters, stoves, hoods and sinks. These are essential things. Arrange the positions to make the next plan. Especially remember that there are many kitchen utensils. The refrigerator should not share an outlet with other appliances. At the same time, the refrigerator has used a high-power power supply. The correct order is: remove the ingredients from the refrigerator → wash in the sink → process the ingredients → cook in the pot. Detail 1: Choose an easy-to-clean tile floor for a non-slip tile floor. Of course, you should also choose the anti-slip function, because there is water and fire in the kitchen, and oil and water will splash on the ground when washing and cooking vegetables. If it is not slip-resistant, it will be more dangerous. Detail 2: Large single tank for the sink It is recommended that the sink should be large and single. Friends who cook often must know that double sinks are very inconvenient when washing pots. It's too small to fit in the pot. The process of cleaning the pot is cumbersome. Not only is it convenient, but there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of water everywhere. The third detail: Design Cabinet 'High and Low Table' The purpose of the overall cabinet high and low table design is to facilitate the operations of frying, washing and preparing dishes. If the height is even, the cookware on the stove should be tipped; when washing dishes, it is difficult to use because the sink sinks and requires bending over. Fourth detail: There should be a water blocking strip on the top of the cabinet If there is a water hose on the top of the overall cabinet, the water for washing dishes and basins will not flow to the ground, making the kitchen cleaner. The fifth detail: One of the advantages of making the sink into a sink under the stage is that it is very clean. Don't underestimate this function, it is more convenient to do kitchen hygiene. There will always be a gap in the washbasin on stage where dust can easily accumulate. If it's not easy to clean, the undercounter sink doesn't have this trouble. The sixth point of detail: Second, we should pay attention to the low cabinets in the kitchen, try to use them as drawers, push-pull type for easy handling and good vision; the overall cabinets are generally made into multi-layer lattices with a width of 30-40 cm; the flat doors of the wall cabinets are changed. For the upper lift door or the upper sliding door; the small space between the table top and the wall cabinet is used to store kitchen utensils. Use drawers or sliding doors for lower storage.
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