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What are the steps for custom cabinets?

by:AisDecor      2021-07-25
What are the steps for cabinet customization? 1. Identify the manufacturer: When you have a good understanding of the sales market, have an established understanding of the product quality, service items, overall strength, and styles of each kitchen cabinet manufacturer, and choose your favorite custom cabinet store. 2. Scheduled time: After applying for the order, the customer can book the measurement designer to provide on-site service measurement, and the designer will produce an effect drawing based on the result of the measurement room design plan. Because designing a kitchen is a technical professional work, therefore, finding a well-experienced designer can have the practical effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. 3. Design the kitchen: There must be three parties including the customer, the survey designer, and the construction team of the decoration company to plan the overall layout of the kitchen, and clarify the waterway, power circuit, and electrical parts. The survey designer should draw a schematic diagram of the waterway and circuit, and comply with the engineering construction specifications. Fourth, design cabinet customization: When the waterway, power circuit and wall tiles are all in time, measuring accurate specifications can ensure that the whole cabinet is tightly closed. Must pay attention to: whether there is sufficient indoor space in the cooking area, cleaning area, storage area, and food area. Whether the height of the wall cabinet and the height-to-width ratio of the cabinet countertop meet the specific requirements of ergonomics and cooks. Is the indoor space outside the room cabinets able to ensure normal actual operation regulations? Signing the contract: After the plan design is clear, a supply contract must be signed, and the customer must carefully analyze the various provisions of the contract. 1. Distribution and installation: The distribution and installation of china kitchen cabinet are generally free of charge, and the manufacturer will book the time with customers in advance according to the time promised in the contract. 2. Project acceptance inspection: carry out a comprehensive inspection of a complete set of china kitchen cabinet, and the electrical appliances shall be accepted in accordance with the manufacturer's service commitments and relevant national industry standards. The final payment shall be settled if the project acceptance reaches the standard. 3. After-sales maintenance service: The restaurant kitchen is a comprehensive indoor space integrating water, electricity, and natural gas. After-sales maintenance service is very important. When signing the contract, the warranty time of the manufacturer’s service promise and the response period for customer problems should be within The contract expressly stipulates that once the manufacturer cannot solve the problem immediately, it can control the manufacturer’s personal behavior for this reason
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