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What are the principles of kitchen cabinet design?

by:AisDecor      2021-08-04
Stove: The stove is similar to a sink. The stove can be placed at an appropriate height under the recess of the operating table. The standard height of the kitchen table is basically the same as the height of the swimming pool, which ensures the comfort of operation. The stove should be near the window or exterior wall. In this way, the length of the ventilation duct of the hood can be reduced to a small size, and the cabinet customization can greatly reduce the space occupied. The range hood can be flush with the bottom of the wall cabinet above the water tank, stove, and operating table to ensure a clean and even kitchen. At the same time, the distance between the range hood, wall cabinet and the stove should be 55-60cm to meet the needs of the line of sight during operation. Operating table: The operating table is an important place for cutting, serving and preparing meals. At the same time, it can place larger kitchen utensils. The thickness can reach 60-65 cm. Stainless steel is the material on the dining table. The operating table can be equipped with drawers, and some small tableware and small objects can be placed at any time, without tiptoe or bending, and can be taken from the bottom of the hand. There are 2-3 layers of movable shelves in the operating table to meet different needs. At the same time, the ends of the operating table and the hanging cabinet are made into arc-shaped open shelves, which can reduce the volume of kitchen furniture and integrate it with the kitchen space. Sink: Usually a swimming pool is set under the kitchen window, because the cleaning process is more detailed and the cabinets have higher requirements for customized cleaning. The swimming pool can be made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean. Together with the operating table, it is designed as a cabinet table with a sink. In this way, the design can make full use of the incomplete space at the bottom of the pool, placing some unusual utensils in the pool, and placing thermos bottles and other items near the cabinet door. In addition, the height of the pool top is also very delicate, too high or too low are easy to fatigue. The appropriate height is based on the operator's upright, slightly forward, slightly bent arm, and the fingers can touch the bottom of the pool. Generally speaking, the height is 88-91 cm, which varies from person to person and can be adjusted slightly. Wall cabinet: Wall cabinet is an indispensable part of kitchen furniture. In the position of the range hood, the wall cabinet needs to dent the thickness of a machine. At the same time, the ventilation pipe of the range hood passes through the wall cabinet, which can keep the kitchen tidy and make full use of the upper space. However, the thickness of the hanging cabinet should not be too large, preferably 30-35 cm. The wall cabinet is too thick, the kitchen space is not big enough, it looks small, and it is inconvenient to take things in. In order to meet the storage needs of different heights, movable shelves are used in the cabinet.
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