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What are the factors affecting the custom price of stainless steel cabinets

by:AisDecor      2021-08-01
1. There are also many types of material stainless steel, and different models have different prices. Type 304 stainless steel, stable performance and good gloss. At least 300 yuan per meter. The 202 type stainless steel has relatively poor corrosion resistance, and the price is generally 200 yuan per meter. 2. Manufacturers with different craftsmanship must be different in terms of product craftsmanship. For example, high-end customized brands will use more detailed craftsmanship, on-site installation, and will also deal with every detail, which means price increases. three. Brand well-known cabinet brands, when custom-made products, cabinet customization quotes will include a higher brand premium, after all, we have to pay part of the price for the brand. But here we still recommend that you choose well-known brands, they pay more attention to credibility, time is more accurate, and will not delay the customer's decoration process. Fourth, custom-made stainless steel countertops generally have a starting price, such as 300 yuan to 500 yuan. No matter how small the specifications are, there must be a complete production and installation process. The rest of the prices are calculated according to the extension table, and each additional extension table adds a corresponding price. 5. Service customized countertops, we not only purchase materials and craftsmanship, but also provide services. Whether it is door-to-door measurement or future maintenance, customized cabinets have costs, and these costs are included in the price. Of course, pre-sales and after-sales service can really solve many problems, and the money spent is worth it.
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