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What are the cost of cabinet customization?

by:AisDecor      2021-07-31
What items are included in the cost of custom made cabinets? 1. Plates The plates selected for cabinet customization are different, and the price level will also be different. Custom cabinet panels include solid wood panels, blister panels, blister panels, fire-resistant panels, and melamine panels. Custom made kitchen cupboards of each type of panel have different characteristics, so the price will be different. The price of solid wood panels Will be higher. 2. Style There are various styles of cabinet customization available to choose from, such as European classical, American, modern and simple style, new Chinese style, etc. Different styles have different requirements for design schemes and technicality. For those with higher requirements on production technology and processing techniques, such as American and European classics, the price will be higher. 3. Hardware fittings Since everyone has different regulations for custom made cabinets, the selection of internal hardware fittings will also be different. Customization costs are related to the number of internal drawer cabinets, the number of hardware, the way of supporting frames, and the relative density of baffles. The more you choose, the better the quality, and of course the higher the cost.
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