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What are the aspects of whole house customization? What is the main customization?

What are the aspects of whole house customization? What is the main customization?


What are the aspects of whole house customization? What is the main customization?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, many people are constantly pursuing perfection when it comes to house decoration. Because the whole house custom home appears to meet the needs of these people, not only the designer himself has to participate in the design, but also the consumer will participate in the design. The whole house customization is mainly from the design, customization, installation and service aspects of home customization. Let me tell you in detail, then, what does the whole house customization mean? What is the main customization?

Custom integrity

The whole house custom home is designed according to the different needs of each person, designing different styles and subjects, but when designing, they still pay attention to the integrity of the home space and realize the coordination of the overall environment. You don't have to go to various family shopping malls to choose furniture, you don't have to worry about the choice of furniture and finishing style, which is very time-saving and makes consumers worry-free.

Customized uniqueness

Choosing the whole house customization means that you want to choose your own personalized design. The whole house customization emphasizes the design after the communication with the customer, which is equivalent to the customer's idea. The overall design of the house is based on the customer's needs, preferences, living habits, and its own aesthetic performance, etc. to carry out related personalized designs. To achieve customer satisfaction and customize a unique home model.

Children's room wardrobe

Customized all-round demand

Don't worry about the size of your house. The whole house customization is to make the best use of the space when decorating the home, and use the limited space for efficient design and application. Not only to meet customer needs, but also to rationalize the space and optimize the functions used. It will relatively expand the capacity within a reasonable budget, and increase the utilization area of the house in the amorphous state.

Whole house customization is to carry out relevant and reasonable design according to different living habits of different groups of people. It can design corresponding activities and application spaces through combination functions such as movable, storage, disassembly, and folding. For example, the bedroom has a lot of clothes and things that are messy. So, in the design creativity, multi-functional wardrobes are used for combination, etc. The children's room is the place where the children live, and the liveliness is the representative of the children, and the design is safe. It must be high. This will make the home more comfortable.

Kitchen cabinets

Customized environmental protection and health concept

No matter when it is, green environmental protection has always been the theme of home life. In the same way, the whole house customization requires higher environmental protection coefficients in the selection of materials. So, the emergence of whole-house customization is different from traditional home life. Most of the wood panels used in custom furniture are edge-sealed on all four sides. The tight edge-sealing reduces the amount of formaldehyde released. There are still many high-quality furniture brand panels on the market. Trustworthy, in line with national E1 and standards, there are currently new environmental protection grade F4 stars. To reduce the amount of formaldehyde emitted from the material at the source, environmental protection and health are more important to consumers, and health care is everyone's concern.

Whole house customization is now recognized and favored by consumers. It is inseparable from choosing a whole house custom brand. It is very important to choose a brand that suits you. There are so many brands in the market that you must have a comprehensive understanding. The main thing. It can effectively meet the needs of customers, perfectly show the space structure, and the healthy and environmentally friendly applied materials allow each space to play its maximum use value.

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