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How to choose the panels for custom furniture?

How to choose the panels for custom furniture?


      Compared with finished furniture, customized furniture can make more reasonable use of the space in the home, and the corners of the space can be turned into storage space to the greatest extent. The flat visual experience can also greatly improve the aesthetics of the home space.

The two most important parts of the selection of custom furniture are panels and accessories.

      If you go to a furniture store to ask about sales, you may hear "big core board, ecological board, melamine board, Ou Song board..." boards with various names. For Xiaobai who has no experience in decoration, just listen to the sales introduction. The names of the various sheet materials have been dumbfounded, let alone make the most suitable choice. Today we are going to talk about all kinds of boards in detail.

The board basically consists of two parts, the base material and the finish. The base material is the core of the board, and the finish is the decorative surface attached to the surface.

Here we mainly introduce several kinds of base materials for decoration and building boards on the market.

     There are four mainstream substrates:

1. Finger joint board/blockboard

The raw materials of finger joint boards and blockboards are wooden boards, generally 80mm wide boards are made of tenons at both ends, and a whole board is made with milky white glue. Blockboard is a layer of peel-cut thin wood on both sides of the finger joint board, which is also called large core board, wood core board, and wood board.

Uses: This kind of board is the closest to solid wood material, but the production efficiency is low, and it is generally used in the decoration industry.

Advantages: The appearance is close to solid wood, suitable for manual processing, and the surface can be used without other processing.

Disadvantages: because of the high sizing amount, the environmental performance is relatively poor

2. Particleboard

Particleboard is the most commonly used substrate in furniture production. From dozens of millions of top brands to thousands of ordinary brands, particleboard will be used. The quality of particleboard is mainly the difference between wood quality and processing technology.

Particleboard is a short stick that is cut into wood into a matchstick, and is pressed into a flat plate with an adhesive.

Uses: materials for industrialized furniture production

Advantages: The physical and chemical properties of the particle board are stable, and the material is uniform, which is suitable for large-scale furniture production.

Disadvantages: The surface is relatively rough, and the surface must be processed (such as melamine veneer, veneer veneer, etc.) before it can be used

3. Fiberboard (MDF)

Fibreboard is made by steaming, grinding or blasting wood into cotton-like fibers, which are then glued and pressed into a flat plate.

Uses: It is especially suitable for three-dimensional modeling applications of furniture door panels in large-scale production.

Advantages: uniform material, especially smooth and delicate surface

Disadvantages: fiberboard has poor nail holding power and is easy to bend and deform

4. Multilayer solid wood board

Multi-layer solid wood boards are usually made of poplar wood and ash wood with a single layer thickness of about 1mm, and then layer by layer with glue to press to make the desired thickness.

Uses: Now it is generally used in the decoration industry to make wall finishes and hand-processed furniture.

Advantages: The appearance is similar to mountain grain solid wood, and the surface does not need to be treated or only needs to be treated with varnish. The board has good nail-holding power, especially the secondary nail-holding power is very good, and the deformation is small.

Disadvantages: The sizing amount is relatively high, the environmental protection is relatively poor, the board is solid wood peeling defects and many cavities, and the surface quality is unstable.

In addition, some special furniture panels are common on the market, each with its own characteristics, such as:

Hexiang board

The production process of Hexiang board is the same as that of particle board, except that the raw material is not wood fiber, but plant fiber. Using agricultural residues as the base material, protein adhesives are generally added, and then pressed into a board. The appearance of Hexiang board is similar to particleboard.

Uses: Generally used in hotels and office furniture for packaging and short life.

Advantages: The finished sheet is low in price and very environmentally friendly. The moisture resistance and fire rating are better.

Disadvantages: poor surface flatness, soft plate, easy to deform, easy to explode, not suitable for making large furniture.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented strand board is also commonly referred to as OSB board, also called Ou Song board, which can be understood as a particle board with a particle size 10 times larger.

Uses: generally used as a cement template in the construction industry

Advantages: excellent mechanical properties, good resistance to deformation

Disadvantages: The surface is very rough. During machining, the shavings on the surface may fall off and cause the surface to be uneven, which is not suitable for furniture production.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the above boards, it can be seen that particle board is the most suitable board for custom furniture. The net celebrity Aige board in the board industry is also a particle board. Of course, the same is particleboard, because the types of logs, the origin, the quality are different, the processing technology is different, and the quality of the board is also different. You also need to consider the brand and price when choosing a sheet.

In addition, the environmental protection and safety of the board are also a part that cannot be ignored. The next issue will teach you how to look at the environmental protection level of the board.

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