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This is how good cabinets are selected

by:AisDecor      2022-02-20
1. Brands In recent years, while China has become the largest cabinet producer, a number of local brands have also grown rapidly, and their products have been sold back to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, the choice of branded products is critical. 2. Integral kitchen Since the concept of 'integrated kitchen' was introduced into China in 1994, this modern cabinet that combines practicality and decoration has rapidly developed into a trend. The so-called 'whole' not only includes the best combination of electrical cabinets, but also considers the wiring layout of water, electricity and gas. Only some large professional manufacturers can achieve integrated design, configuration and installation. 3. Factory production The whole cabinet is an integrated order product with a wide variety, and its structure and design are highly personalized. Therefore, only large-scale and standardized production can create high-quality and cost-effective products that customers are most satisfied with. Therefore, understanding the technical strength of the manufacturer when purchasing is also an important means to ensure quality. Fourth, the material material is an important guarantee for the quality of the cabinet. Consumers can choose those products that have been certified by authoritative agencies. Five, hardware Hardware is the most commonly used key components in the kitchen. However, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use counterfeit and shoddy hardware very seriously, and consumers attach great importance to it. 6. Pricing methods Currently, there are two methods of unit pricing and linear meter pricing in the market. Some dishonest merchants often set hidden price increase items or unknown real prices in the pricing. Therefore, you must understand clearly when purchasing cabinet products. 7. Promise that some brands will try their best to publicize the warranty for several years or pay a penalty of 1,000 when selling, but the corresponding responsibilities in the actual signed contract are vague or evasive. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the specific terms signed while paying attention to the brand.
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