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The tricks of Sichuan's custom furniture pricing method

by:AisDecor      2022-02-22
According to our understanding and feedback from some customers, we found that the pricing method of customized furniture in Sichuan is confusing and there is no unified standard. In addition to the ordinary projection area calculation, there are other three pricing methods. Consumers are often confused or not clear at all, and can only be passive. accepted. In the process of customizing the furniture contract, the company will quote prices according to different pricing methods. There are four common ones, which are based on the expansion area, the projected area, the number of expanded meters, and the pricing method by piece. Among the 29 whole-house custom furniture consumers we know, 13 were found to calculate the price based on the project's expanded area, 8 were charged based on the number of pieces, 5 were charged based on the projected area, and 3 used two There are various pricing methods, which are calculated in terms of expansion area and projection, and the billing method can be regarded as dazzling for consumers. Many consumers report that pricing methods for whole-home custom furniture products are complex. Some businesses use different pricing methods for different products of the same set of custom furniture, especially in custom products based on projected area or metered prices. Due to the different depths of furniture structures, different pricing methods have a very large impact on the cost of custom furniture for consumers. Due to the lack of detailed explanations of pricing methods by merchants, consumers usually lack awareness, which often leads to the situation where the budget price is far lower than the actual price, making consumers spend money for no reason. In this regard, industry sources have revealed that in fact, according to different custom furniture pricing methods, the calculation results vary greatly, and the differences between these billing methods will only be understood by the industry. For example, the shaded area and the extended area are very different, like curtains, there are many folds, and the shaded area is almost the same size as the window. The expansion area is where all the folds are calculated, and if you budget, the price difference here is almost double. The extension of the hydroelectric retrofit is much higher than the ordinary circuit, and the ordinary consumer simply cannot tell the difference and is easily confused. Therefore, it is very necessary to fully understand the price calculation method of custom furniture and various items of whole house customization.
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