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The price of Sichuan whole house customization

by:AisDecor      2022-02-22
Whole house customization is a decoration concept derived from people's pursuit of personalization in the process of contemporary decoration. Compared with buying furniture, whole house customization can be more suitable for family decoration, and the practicability of whole house customization is also better. When it comes to this whole house customization, I believe that what everyone wants to know more is its price. Since the price is relatively different due to the influence of the region, today I can only talk about the price of Sichuan whole house customization based on my understanding. The price of Sichuan whole house customization consists of two parts: cabinet price and accessories price. Among them, there are two ways to calculate the price of the cabinet, one is calculated according to the unfolded area of u200bu200bthe cabinet, and the other is calculated according to the projected area of u200bu200bthe cabinet. As an ordinary consumer, you may not understand what such a simple sentence means. Now let's explain in detail how the price of the cabinet in the whole house custom furniture in Sichuan is calculated. 1. The price of the cabinet 1. The unfolded area is relatively easy to understand, that is, the unfolded area of u200bu200bthe cabinet, which includes the area of u200bu200bthe panel material and the partition material of the cabinet. Multiply the price by the area you customize to get the total price. But here also need to pay attention to one thing, that is the thickness of the plate. Assuming that the panels used for cabinets are usually 5mm, but if you want to customize thicker cabinets, the price you just calculated is not accurate. Here you just need to confirm with the salesperson the prices of different thickness panels. How much will do. 2. Projection area Projection area refers to the area that can be projected on the wall from the front. This is generally applicable to the customization of relatively simple cabinets, such as wardrobes. For example, it is easy to cause ambiguity. In the process of customizing the whole house in Sichuan, many consumers have to participate in the design and like to add some functions that they think are practical in the cabinet, which will increase the number of partitions. Pay attention to these partitions It's not free, you need to determine in advance how to add it, how much to add, and how much the cost will increase after adding it. Second, the price of accessories The accessories required for Sichuan whole house customization probably include handles, drawers, clothes rails, full-length mirrors and trouser racks. Different manufacturers may charge differently. For example, the quotation of some manufacturers may already include the price of these accessories, but because many consumers pursue personalized customization, they need to add some corresponding accessories, which requires extra charges. The price of accessories is determined by factors such as the quantity and quality of accessories. In addition, it should be reminded that the general Sichuan whole-house custom manufacturer needs to include the design cost in the quotation. Of course, some manufacturers have different quotation methods, and the installation, design, materials and other costs will be calculated separately. This is where consumers need to pay special attention during the decoration process.
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