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The key to the maintenance and moisture-proof of solid wood cabinets

by:AisDecor      2021-07-29
When the sun is shining, the natural wind dehumidification method opens the windows and cabinet doors to ventilate the room. This method is more widespread and saves effort, but the effect is not good. The windows are usually opened in the afternoon. Because of the low humidity in the air at that time. Lime adsorption method Lime is a good desiccant, which can effectively absorb the moisture in the air. Put a piece of dry cloth wrapped in the lime and put it in the cabinet. Change the place once a day. It can absorb the moisture in the cabinet for several days. Go, this method works better. Bamboo charcoal dehumidification method People who buy new furniture generally buy bamboo charcoal, which can not only dehumidify but also effectively deodorize and remove formaldehyde. It is a necessary dehumidification and moisture-proof material for solid wood cabinets. Generally, the bamboo charcoal sold in the supermarket is packaged, and you can buy it and place it in the cabinet directly for customization. This method of dehumidification is more professional, and most professional air purification companies can do it. To custom made cabinets, use the dehumidifier to slide back and forth in the cabinet. Nowadays, most of the air conditioners have the function of dehumidification. It is very simple to select the air conditioner to dehumidify again. Open the cabinet door when dehumidifying. The advantage of customized furniture is that it can be customized and the planning becomes more humane. Customers can accurately confirm the planning plan through their favorite style, color and space size; various characteristic parameters can be customized, and the customer can control the cost of the furniture, so the price is more cost-effective. High; In terms of manufacturing process, the selection of customized furniture is more environmentally friendly, and all the products are produced by machines, with tight packaging and uniform drilling. Each process has strict requirements to ensure the stability and durability of product quality.
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