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Taboos on the placement of shoe cabinets in Chengdu porch

by:AisDecor      2022-02-15
Nowadays, the shoe cabinets of many families are generally placed at the entrance, which is called the entrance shoe cabinet. The placement function at the entrance is very good, saves space, and is convenient for us to use. Shoes are stepped on our feet every day. If it is not handled properly, it may destroy the feng shui of the home, so what are the taboos of the entrance shoe cabinet, and how to design the door entrance shoe cabinet? Let's find out together. Taboos for placing shoe cabinets at the entrance: 1. Each of us likes the style and shape of shoe cabinets differently. Our shoes are inseparable from dust, so you will inevitably pollute the aura, and it is usually messy. Therefore, it is only suitable to be placed near the entrance door. If the shoes are left outside, the 'bad breath' will bring the shoes into the house, directly affecting the wealth of the people in the house. 2. Therefore, the feng shui in our home is better, we must install a shoe cabinet, do not release those bad magnetic fields, and the porch shoe cabinet can also play a shielding role, blocking the suffocating air from the door. So, if you think about space, you can put a small shoe cabinet at the entrance with only shoes that are changed every day. New shoes or seasons can be wiped clean and left in the rest of the room. 3. The porch shoe cabinet in our home will have a magnetic field. Will directly affect Feng Shui. Some people may be surprised that many women have many different styles of shoes and like to keep shoes in the bedroom, it is convenient to choose shoes and shirts before going to the street. In terms of Feng Shui, shoes are only suitable for placing near the gate, but not for the rest of the house, including the bedroom. How to design the doorway shoe cabinet: 1. When we choose how to design the doorway shoe cabinet style, the number of our shoes determines the storage range of the shoe cabinet. The design of the entryway shoe cabinet should be based on functional priorities, rather than placing storage at the top. Most of the shoes at the door are shoebox slippers. Before designing a door entry shoe cabinet, you should first understand the moving lines from door to room. 2. In the shoe cabinet, we always have various styles of shoes, then you may like high heels, then you can imagine the height, we also have requirements for the height of the entrance shoe cabinet.
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