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Some suggestions for custom cabinets in decoration strategy

by:AisDecor      2022-02-13
1. Color Do not choose too many color cabinet door panels. Too much dye will not look good, and the overall feel will be bad. Generally, both colors can be used as contrasting colors. 2. The choice of handle The handleless cabinet door is the first choice. The cabinet door is equipped with a rebound device and a push switch, which is especially suitable for modern minimalist style, especially when there are children at home, don't worry about the children who have no handle design will bump into each other. 3. Meal side cupboards If you don’t want your home table to be full every day, you should organize it before each meal. A pantry cabinet can hold a lot of things. 4. Hardware Generally speaking, the cabinets used in our house are basically not damaged. The most vulnerable areas are cabinet doors, some are not easy to open, some are not tightly closed, and some squeak, don't save money on hardware. 5. Cabinet height Generally, the height of the cabinet is between 800 and 880. The height of the cabinets is based on the height of the person who often cooks at home. If you need to bend over to wash dishes, you will be tired. You can try it at the cabinet showroom. The best height is upright, just touch the bottom of the sink with your hands.
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