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Sichuan whole house customization is good or not, pay attention to these

by:AisDecor      2022-02-23
When it comes to whole-house customization, many people give it the impression that it is a general term for furniture used to store items. In fact, in the decoration of modern people, whole-house customization is a more practical storage design. It can take full advantage of the location of the space to create a more practical storage space. Therefore, how to design the customized appearance of the whole house is also an important part of home decoration. To create a stylish yet functional home decor, these factors should be done right. Otherwise, you may enter the pit of the whole house customization. Moreover, whether your home's whole house customization looks good or not depends on the following factors. Quality selection material selection The mainstream boards customized for the whole house mainly include solid wood particle board, solid wood multi-layer board and fragrant board. The choice depends on the material quality, including high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, environmental protection, nail fixation force, etc. This not only affects the aesthetics of the whole house customization, but also its quality. The environmental protection level depends on the amount of formaldehyde released. The E1 certified board can be used for interior decoration, while the E0 environmental protection standard is a higher international hygiene standard. If you're choosing one that emits less formaldehyde, you can offer your home more protection. Style defines whether the customization of the whole house is beautiful, and the choice of style is very important. Scandinavian style is suitable for modern young people. Simple, stylish and natural. Modern styles are more stylish and personal. It has a novel design style and is more suitable for the elderly. Different styles will give you different experiences. Don't blindly follow trends, and don't create styles that you don't like. Cabinet classification space storage also requires various cabinet storage, living room TV cabinet, dining room sideboard, wine cabinet, bedroom wardrobe, study bookshelf, kitchen cabinet, etc. There are dedicated storage cabinets for various spaces, please do not mix them. The use of cabinets not only saves space, but also makes the house look cluttered. Furniture maintenance Furniture customization, maintenance is very important, pay attention to cleaning, moisturizing, sun protection, and regular maintenance, so that custom furniture can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time.
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