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Several common Chengdu custom furniture styles

by:AisDecor      2022-02-18
Everyone has their own independent personality, and this personality is reflected in daily clothes, food and shelter, and you can also understand a person's personality through his home. Chengdu custom furniture is very able to reflect people's personality, and several common styles are also very popular. Some people like European and American style, some people like new Chinese style, and some people like simple style, so different styles of custom furniture have What are the characteristics? 1. Style characteristics of modern minimalist style: win more with less, simplify custom furniture style Audience characteristics: pursuit of beauty, like to be alone, decisive, and not sloppy. Modern simplicity simplifies design elements, combines a variety of materials, pursues textured material effects, furniture is neat, practical, creative, and personalized, most people who like this style pursue aesthetics and clearly know what they want. This is a very rational group of people. two? European style style characteristics: exquisite and elegant, romantic and extravagant custom furniture style Audience characteristics: elegant and friendly, good at socializing, very particular about the quality of life. European style is a combination of exquisite atmosphere and romance, focusing on the completion of beautiful curves and delicate details, overall luxury, delicate touch feeling, suitable for people who don't pay much attention to budget costs, this group of people has a certain economic foundation The taste of life is carefully designed. 3. American style style characteristics: inclusive atmosphere, advocating classic custom furniture style Audience characteristics: the atmosphere is very straightforward, crisp and clean, and dare to love and hate. American-style custom furniture is highly inclusive, compatible with various styles, and also has the characteristics of atmosphere and practicability. People who like this style do not blindly follow the trend, at least have a certain cultural background, and they are very confident! Fourth, the new Chinese style style characteristics: inherit the traditional Chinese style, elegant and subtle custom furniture style Audience characteristics: careful, calm, just like traditional Chinese culture. New Chinese style custom furniture continues the concept of traditional Chinese, and after refining and simplification, the furniture form is more concise and lively, the wood is solid wood, the space is mostly white, and the color is relaxed and natural. For those who like the new Chinese style, they usually Have a certain sense of identity with Chinese culture and also have a sense of fashion. For more styles of custom furniture information, you can go to the official website to view relevant case knowledge.
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