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Quality testing method for custom furniture

by:AisDecor      2022-02-20
1 Appearance quality inspection In the quality inspection of customized furniture, it is more basic to ensure that the appearance of the furniture meets the quality and expected requirements. In the actual inspection, the focus is to check whether the furniture has material decay and cracks, as well as the use of artificial boards, whether there are delamination, cracking and blistering, and whether the paint, edge sealing and paint film have been treated. According to the requirements, whether there is fading and so on. In particular, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the materials used, such as whether the type, name, and use parts of the wood are consistent with the design, and whether the appearance and details are properly handled. The main reference test here is GB/t3324-2017 general technical conditions for wood furniture. 2 Dimensional quality inspection In the quality inspection of customized furniture dimensions, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of all internal and external components and structures, especially the internal structures, such as the depth of the clothes hanging space, the depth of the folded clothes storage space, etc., which are often prone to errors. In addition, the verticality, level difference and seam separation of adjacent edges need to be measured and checked. On the whole, the appearance size of custom furniture is also allowed to have a certain error, but the error must be kept within plus or minus 5mm, and cannot exceed this limit, otherwise it is unqualified. The reference in the test is still GB/t3324-2017 'General Technical Conditions for Wooden Furniture'. 3 Assembly quality inspection In the assembly quality inspection of customized furniture, in order to ensure the screw clamping force, it is necessary to strictly measure the thickness of the plate and the screw clamping force. Whether it is veneer particleboard, fiberboard, or veneer blockboard, the screw clamping force of the board surface needs to be at least 1000N, and the edge of the board needs to be at least 700N. All assembly hardware such as guide rails and hinges must work normally, and there must be no problems such as loss of light, corrosion, expansion, peeling, blistering, and discoloration. The vertical running part of the folded product must also meet the requirements, be strong and safe. The main inspection references here are GB/t3324-2017, QB/t2454-2013 furniture hardware drawer rails, QB/t2189-2013 furniture hardware cup hidden hinges, etc. 4 Quality Inspection of Hazardous Substances Quality inspection of hazardous substances is a key link. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of green product evaluation furniture (GB/t35607-2017) to ensure: formaldehyde ≤ 0.10mg/m3 benzene ≤ 0.11mg/m3 toluene ≤ 0.20mg/m3 Xylene≤0.20mg/m3TVOC≤0.60mg/m3 These all require accurate quantitative detection with the help of various advanced technologies and equipment to ensure the safety of home life. In order to ensure the safety of customized furniture and the healthy and orderly development of the whole-house customized furniture market, we must pay attention to and do a good job in the quality inspection of customized furniture, and adopt corresponding testing methods for common and frequent customized furniture. Furniture quality issues, to ensure that customized furniture meets various quality assurance indicators. 
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