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Particle board - the mainstream material in Chengdu custom furniture industry

by:AisDecor      2022-02-12
I don't know if you look carefully when buying custom furniture. Most custom furniture on the market is made of particle board. For example, custom wardrobes, custom shoe cabinets, custom cabinets, etc. Why do these custom furniture manufacturers in Chengdu use particle boards? Why not opt u200bu200bfor an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-process eco-board? In fact, anyone who knows wood planks knows that solid wood particle board originated in Europe*. After a long period of development, it was introduced into China and widely favored by consumers. It has developed into one of the main sheet products in the Chinese and foreign building materials market. The reason is that solid wood particle board has excellent board properties and strong plasticity. For example, most solid wood particle boards are made from hot-pressed high-quality natural logs. The surface is decorated with E0 grade ink paper and there are thousands of colors to choose from. This is the main reason why Chengdu custom furniture manufacturers use solid wood particle boards. Solid wood particle board not only has the reasons for the stability of other wood-based boards, but also has higher board performance than traditional solid wood boards. Most imported solid wood particle boards can withstand the 'ruthless destruction' of various board processing machinery when making furniture. It not only saves time, but also is more environmentally friendly and healthier, which is the main reason why particle board is favored by consumers.
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