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Misunderstanding of custom furniture, one-time clear

by:AisDecor      2022-02-19
Custom furniture has many advantages, such as maximizing the use of space, rational use of awkward corners, multiple uses of a piece of furniture, meeting the individual needs of residents, doubling storage, saving space, and unifying styles. The interior structure of custom furniture can also be customized according to the needs of the occupants. The style and color of the furniture are also easier to achieve harmony and unity, making the whole space look neater and more comfortable. However, many owners still have doubts about 'custom furniture'. Today, I will summarize a few questions that owners are more concerned about and answer them one by one. Misunderstanding 1. Custom furniture is to make cabinets on the wall? More and more homeowners are starting to pay attention to custom furniture. After all, it has the advantage of 'making full use of space to meet the individual needs of residents'. But many owners are confused. Isn't custom furniture just hitting a cabinet on the wall? Today's custom furniture is no longer as simple as 'hitting' a cabinet on the wall, but 'planning future life' on the wall. First of all, custom furniture is very suitable for small and medium-sized apartments, such as within 50 square meters. Such homes require careful planning and design to have the effect of 'increasing' functional space. Of course, the increase here is not to make the space larger, but to use it. Reasonable planning can lead to unexpectedly larger storage space. As large as the design of furniture and walls, every inch of space is not wasted; the design of each grid inside the furniture can vary from person to person and from item to item to save space and provide convenience for life. Second, the more things you use at home, the more people live there. Two or three-year-olds, parents and the elderly may all be future family members. During preliminary planning and design, various future possibilities need to be considered in advance. Customized furniture can meet the functional requirements of small space, multi-population, multi-item, and multi-change. Third, custom furniture design is more user-friendly. The furniture customized according to the living habits of residents can solve various details and meet the individual needs of family members. For example, if the hostess has a lot of jewelry, she can deliberately add a dark lattice design to the wardrobe to form a safe and convenient storage space. If the male protagonist has hobbies such as collecting wine, shoes, handmade furniture, etc., he can form a more reasonable storage and display by customizing the furniture to achieve practical and beautiful effects. In addition, a major feature of custom furniture is that one cabinet is multi-purpose. This is also of interest to owners. A table looks like a table. In fact, it can also be a dresser. Open the table top, and below is a neat jewelry grid. Moreover, some shelves can be designed around the table to place some small items. This is a multi-purpose, more suitable for small apartments. Myth 2: Is custom furniture fixed? Many homeowners also consider furniture to be 'fixedAll torn down? If you buy finished furniture, there is no problem of large demolition. Custom furniture is not set in stone. It is variable and can meet people's changing life needs. Take the shoe cabinet as an example. Generally speaking, the shelf height of each floor of the shoe cabinet is fixed, which can easily put down high-heeled shoes, flat shoes, low-top shoes, and sports shoes. In the case of custom furniture, each shelf can be flexibly removed. Remove a few racks and put boots on. It is very convenient to store in spring and summer and can restore the original position of the shelf. Not only shoe cabinets, each functional area can be different from person to person. In addition to functions and styles that can be changed, there are also a variety of colors to choose from, not limited to common log colors. Misunderstanding 3, custom furniture can only be imagined first? As we all know, custom furniture is tailor-made according to the actual situation of the owner and the actual situation of the space. It's specific. Can't see the true face of it without real realization? No need to imagine custom furniture. In order to allow owners to have a more in-depth and intuitive experience, the Powerful Decoration Company will specially design a variety of model rooms with customized furniture. Because the owner has no concept of the specific presentation of customized furniture, only in the model room can he participate in it, realize the connection of the scene, and feel the appearance of his own home decoration in the future. For example, a children's room is a process that accompanies a child's growth and is designed to suit the transition from child to teen. As children grow, personal items increase, and preferences change, there should be more storage space. The integrated design of desk, bookcase, wardrobe, and tatami bed, powerful storage function, beautiful and practical, very suitable for small family children's room.
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