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Is it better to choose paint or veneer for cabinet door panels? What is the best material for cabinet countertops?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-13
As one of the most important furniture in the kitchen, the choice of cabinets is the top priority, but many owners are not very good at choosing materials. Today, the editor of Jiuzheng Cabinet Network will introduce to you whether it is better to choose paint or veneer for cabinet door panels and which material is better for cabinet countertops? Let everyone know how to choose after reading this article. Let's take a look together. The cabinet door should choose baking varnish or veneer. Blister board> baking varnish panel u003d double veneer double veneer, as the name suggests, is that both sides of the cabinet are veneered as decoration, both sides are the same, with particle board or density board as the base material, The production process is relatively simple. The lacquered panel adopts MDF as the base material, which is polished and then baked at high temperature, with a smooth appearance. The base material of the blister panel is medium density fiberboard, the surface is formed by vacuum blister or seamless PVC film, and the appearance is smooth and easy to clean, simple and practical. There are many colors of the double-veneer panel, and the color combination of the cabinet can be changed at will. The owner can choose the color he likes to decorate. The lacquered panel is bright in color, and is characterized by its appearance as clear and bright as a mirror, and it also has a certain light-filling effect, which can increase the brightness of the home. The hardness is also very good, and it will not leave scratches. The single-color blister panel is bright, bright and pure, no cracking and deformation, dirt resistance, no fading, simple daily maintenance, no special maintenance required. The double-veneer panel is economical and cost-effective, and is suitable for the majority of families. The disadvantage is that it cannot be shaped, so the shape will be relatively simple. The price of baking varnish panels is high, the production cycle is long, and the process level is very high, and once damaged parts are difficult to repair, they must be replaced as a whole. The damage of the cabinet blister board is inseparable from the heat source when cooking in the kitchen, so it is not very practical. What material is better for cabinet countertops? Quartz stone countertops are more commonly used in cabinets at present. Quartz stone countertops are moderately expensive, hard to break, and have good anti-seepage ability. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. The only disadvantage is that the joints are easy to place It turns black and is not easy to clean, especially at the seams of the front and rear water barriers. After a long time, the gaps look black. Slate is a kind of countertop stone that has become popular in recent years. The texture of the slate looks good. The thickness of the slate is very thin, generally 12mm. Slabs used as countertops look more advanced, but there are also many disadvantages of slate. Slate is relatively brittle and easy to be cut. In addition, slate is divided into domestic and imported. The price of imported slate is very expensive. To several thousand dollars. Stainless steel countertops are generally cabinets with stainless steel cabinets. The stainless steel countertops and sinks are integrated with no gaps and are relatively easy to clean. However, the disadvantage of stainless steel countertops is that the surface is easy to scratch. If you don’t like the metallic feel of stainless steel, choose carefully.
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