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In addition to black, white and gray, what other colors are worth choosing in custom furniture?

by:AisDecor      2022-02-20
We know that black, white and gray are really classic and have enough advantages. I believe that the custom furniture cases you see are more of a simple style of black and white, which is very suitable for young people. However, in our family concept, the feelings of more people should also be taken into account. Some people feel that black, white and gray are too monotonous and sometimes dull. After all, life needs to be relaxed and happy, and some relaxed moods can come from colors. Choosing custom furniture itself can be decided according to your own preferences, there are many choices in color. We can freely combine to create a more colorful home environment in addition to black, white and gray. So in addition to black and white gray, what other colors are worth choosing? Whole house furniture custom manufacturers will recommend some to you. Log Color Log color system gives the impression of warmth and ease. It has been widely used in small and fresh styles such as Nordic style and Japanese style. It is also sought after by many young people, and it is more suitable for the environmental protection requirements of people's home life rhythm. But many people worry that although the original wood furniture looks good, it is easy to appear cheap - this is a wrong perception. The texture and color of the log material can also be expressed in a variety of ways. The distinction between ready-made furniture and custom-made furniture also applies here. Log-colored furniture usually emphasizes the texture and finishing process of the wood itself. There's a lot of fine stuff between finished and bespoke. And custom log color furniture can be considered in terms of texture and color, especially in small living spaces, the fresh log atmosphere that can be obtained through customization is worth choosing. Green is already very popular in home applications. For example, you can see all kinds of dark green and light green background walls, curtains, cabinet doors, etc., and green symbolizes vitality, and can always get a very sharp effect in combination. Paired with other colors, it's full of tension, which is probably why it's popular. The light luxury style represents the attitude of young people to pursue quality life, and integrates dark green into it, which is calm and lively. This is the current expression of people's mental state and character; Nordic style, minimalist style, etc. can be matched with different shades of green, which is more fresh. Green is a good match with a variety of decoration styles, making it more popular in the home furnishing market. If you don’t want to choose black, white and gray, green is also a good choice. Metallic metal furniture is different from wooden furniture. It has the atmosphere of the typical industrial age. The texture is hard, but it can show different tones in different environments, and sometimes 'bright' appears solemn and calm. Of course, metal isn't just a color, it's a color category. Under different light source conditions, the postures shown are different, and the feeling of home is also different. Copper, black gold, champagne gold, silver, etc. are widely used in various styles. There are also plenty of styles to go with - Hong Kong, contemporary and industrial. Different metal textures, through the combination of these styles, show your favorite home atmosphere. Similarly, if you don't choose black and white ash, the metallic color system will also have a good effect. In fact, in the furniture market, whether it is custom or finished products, the choice of colors can be said to be extremely rich. In addition to black, white and gray, in addition to the colors recommended above, red brick, stone, light yellow, beige, etc. are all good choices.
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