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How to speed up the transformation and upgrading of cabinet enterprises

by:AisDecor      2021-08-02
1. Improve management level In order to become bigger and stronger, cabinet companies must strengthen management, through scientific product innovation and marketing innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, continuously increase the added value of the brand, expand the brand influence, and promote the sustainable development of the brand. Stable and healthy development of brand enterprises. 2. Innovation and Development Innovation lies not only in products, but also in process innovation, process upgrades, product quality and production efficiency. At the same time, we must innovate in the marketing model. Don't use the traditional marketing model. Keep up with the development of the times and seize the current hot spots. three. Persist in transformation and upgrading As the scale of cabinet companies continues to expand, transformation and upgrading are imperative. Starting from scientific management, product technology innovation, marketing model transformation and other aspects, we will continue to enhance the added value of the brand, expand the brand influence, and enable the company to develop better. Chapter Four. Increased industrial concentration The custom cupboards cabinets industry must solve the problems of serious product homogeneity and overcapacity. Through mergers and reorganizations between enterprises, the industry concentration will be strengthened, outdated production capacity with poor product quality and low operating efficiency will be eliminated, and the trend of the Internet will be closely followed for marketing and innovation. use. The cabinet industry is a popular industry. In order to achieve better development, we must accelerate our own transformation and upgrading and enhance our brand value. At present, all custom-made overall cabinet appearance treatments on the market are divided into four categories: double-sided melamine, single-sided fireproof board, log, and spray paint. In the first three processes, there is no difference in quality and cost, while the fourth process is very different. There are dozens of paints. Sources, prices, and processes are not balanced. Consumers are most easily fooled. Therefore, when choosing a spray booth, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer what kind of paint and process to use, and then observe the smoothness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, fullness and hardness of the paint surface under unfavorable light.
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