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How to identify the quality of stainless steel cabinets?

by:AisDecor      2021-08-05
Stainless steel cabinets continue to introduce new and fashionable stainless steel cabinets, household stainless steel cabinets and commercial stainless steel cabinets. Continue to create a modern, artistic and environmentally friendly kitchen life. Most of the design concepts of stainless steel cabinets are horizontal and vertical simple straight lines, reducing redundant decorative lines, and then creating a sense of open space. In that main atmosphere, sinks, stoves and range hoods of the same material can be placed more concealed in it, and feel the whole. 1. Check the appearance level: the height of the door panel must not fluctuate, the cabinets must be customized, and the door frame must be neat and tidy. Uniform, cabinet manufacturers, the gap size must be uniform. The door panel can be opened freely. There is no noise when the drawer goes in and out. The tabletop has no color difference and no seams. 2. Check the processing process of the circuit board: If the circuit board is unqualified or the equipment is not good, it will bite the edge, and glue will appear immediately in the future. 3. Check for edge cracks: Check if there are edge cracks on the door panel. Open the cabinet door and check whether there are adjustment holes on the shelf. The adjustment holes of the shelf are usually uniform, and there is no explosion around the holes. Regular manufacturers always have professional slotting machines, both sides of the slotting are smooth and tidy, and there is no edge bursting phenomenon. 4. Observe the edge band: the end face of the board should be processed by the edge band. Professional manufacturers use special mechanical equipment to seal the edges. Usually, the manual edge banding in small workshops is rough. 5. Observe the side crimping part: whether the color of the side crimping part is the same as that of the front, and there are oily scratches on the edge sealing part. Due to the poor quality of the edge strips, if rubbed with oily tiny holes, it will close immediately. 6. Check the drawer: removable hardware components, such as door leaf, the switch should be flexible, no noise, non-slip or automatic closing function. You can check whether the hardware accessories used in the product are qualified. For cabinets produced by professional manufacturers, there should be a tumbler wire connection in the middle of the cabinet, and the overall firmness is better. The bottom of the wall cabinet is equipped with leveling feet, which can adjust the flatness of the cabinet and have a moisture-proof effect. There should be an integral movable skirting board to easily clean the bottom of the cabinet. 7. Check the hanging code of the wall cabinet: Usually, you need to know whether the hanging code of the wall cabinet is adjustable. Regular manufacturers all use the hanging code installation method. After installing the cabinet body, you can adjust the height and left and right appropriately. Disassemble and assemble the main body of the cabinet, and tighten the screws, the main body of the cabinet is also very tidy. 8. The door leaf is equipped with a shock absorber to eliminate noise. The drainage board under the sink cabinet, customized cabinets'> customized cabinets, the edge of the countertop with water storage drainage ditch and the dark drainage ditch will all have a decisive impact on the service life of the product.
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