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How to identify the quality of cabinet drawer slides? How to choose cabinet drawer slides

by:AisDecor      2022-02-20
How to identify the quality of cabinet drawer slides 1. Load-bearing capacity The quality of the slide rail is related to the drawer's load-bearing capacity. When identifying the quality, you can pull out the drawer completely, then press the outer edge of the front of the drawer with your hand, and observe the front inclination of the drawer from the side. The smaller the inclination, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of the drawer. 2. Internal structure The inside of the slide rail is a bearing structure, and the bearing is related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, there are steel ball slide rails and silicon wheel slide rails on the market. The steel ball slide rails are rolled by the steel balls, which can automatically remove the dust on the slide rails and dirt, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the slides. 3. Drawer material The drawer material should be steel drawer, which is of better quality and thicker. How to choose drawer slides for cabinets The former has many silver-gray colors, delicate texture, and the thickness of the side panels is larger than that of the aluminum drawers. The latter are mostly light-colored. Thinner than steel drawers, but thicker than aluminum drawers. 2. Look at the load-bearing capacity The load-bearing capacity of a cabinet drawer is often determined by the quality of the slide rails. When purchasing a cabinet, you may wish to completely pull the drawer out first, then press the front of the drawer with your fingers, and always observe the front of the drawer. Inclination, the smaller the forward inclination, the stronger the bearing capacity of the drawer, and vice versa. 3. Look at the internal structure of the cabinet drawer slides. To put it bluntly, the interior of the drawer slides is the bearing structure, which can directly affect the load-bearing capacity of the drawer slides. In the current cabinet hardware market, there are silicon wheel slide rails and steel ball slide rails. The latter is to clean the dust through the automatic rolling of steel balls, ensure the free push and pull of the drawer slides, and at the same time spread the force around, which greatly improves the stability of the drawer. 4. Look at the brand and price. In fact, the common brands of cabinet drawer slides are Blum, Gute, German Heidis and so on. Different brands and different materials of cabinet drawer slides have different prices. For example, Gute's best silent 3-section rail slide, the size is 22 inches and 55 cm, and the market reference price is 21 yuan; the German Heidis butterfly screw positioning slide rail is 20 inches and 50 cm, and the market reference price is 36 yuan, etc. The above prices for reference only.
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