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How to choose the whole cabinet in Sichuan

by:AisDecor      2022-02-21
Cabinets have played an important role in family life since ancient times. Cabinets not only facilitate our lives, but also make the overall effect of the house higher. However, with the continuous improvement of life, many people choose integral cabinets when decorating their kitchen due to the structure of the kitchen, or in order to create a kitchen according to their own preferences. However, there are many specifications, styles, and manufacturers of the overall cabinet, so today Sichuan overall cabinet customization manufacturers will teach you how to choose the overall cabinet. 1: Basic configuration This is the material that each overall kitchen cabinet is fully equipped with, including hardware and functional accessories. These configurations are essential in terms of aesthetics and practicality. If any part of the material and accessories are reduced, it will directly affect the practicality and strength of the overall cabinet. 2: Appearance. At present, the surface treatment of all integral cabinets on the market is divided into four categories: melamine double-sided, single-sided fireproof board, log and spray paint. The first three differ little in technology, quality, and cost, while the fourth differs considerably. There are dozens of paints with different origins, prices and craftsmanship, making it easy for consumers to be confused. Therefore, when choosing a paint spray cabinet, first ask the Sichuan overall cabinet factory which paint is used and what process is used, and then observe the flatness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, fullness and hardness of the paint surface under strong reflection. 3: Look at the basic material configuration of the cabinet As we all know, the composition of the overall cabinet is divided into four parts: floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, desktops and various household appliance accessories. For local cabinets and wall cabinets, in addition to carefully selecting the door panel material, the panel selection of the cabinet is also important. At present, the tide boards of Sichuan overall cabinet manufacturers are all good choices. When purchasing the product, you should carefully check the corners of the door panel, feel the quality and smoothness of the edge seal on the edge of the door panel by hand, and check whether the joint between the door panel and the edge seal is delicate and firm. Also, pay attention to the hardware. Although today's Sichuan whole cabinet manufacturers usually use branded hardware, even the same hardware accessories in each brand of cabinets will feel different, mainly due to the different technical levels of each Sichuan whole cabinet company in making cabinets. Therefore, when choosing a cabinet, never loose hardware accessories, but choose a cabinet with perfect craftsmanship standards and details. 4: Look at the service and price. 'A penny, a penny' is the eternal truth. The price of branded products is determined by their quality and guaranteed by after-sales service. Those who sell fake and low-priced products will be afraid to provide after-sales service. The after-sales service term is an expression of a manufacturer's confidence in its product and an important criterion for testing its quality. 5: Look at the quotation of the overall cabinet company Due to the complexity of the overall cabinet pricing method, it is easy to fall into the trap of a bad businessman when purchasing cabinets. Therefore, when placing an order, *pay attention to the quotation method and standard configuration of the cabinet. If you can, you should also ask for the price list of accessories, ask about the situation, and state it in the contract. 6: Look at the professionalism of designers and shopping guides Cabinets are an overall system engineering, and only professionals can design unique cabinets. A qualified professional cabinet designer can create a good kitchen culture for you by understanding your needs. Conversely, if you meet a designer who hasn't graduated yet, you have more than * to lose. So when you're shopping for overall cabinetry, swap kitchen plans with a designer to see if their recommendations are sound, professional, and fit with certain living rules. 7: Understand the ordering process and after-sale commitment of the whole cabinet Choose the whole cabinet, not only choose the product, but also choose the service. Only perfect service can reflect the quality and style of the overall cabinet in your home. So with bulk items like cabinets, careful terms and after-sale commitments are critical. After understanding the contract terms and after-sales commitments of Sichuan Whole Cabinet Company, the ordering process of the whole cabinet can be better completed.
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