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How to choose the right toddler bed when customizing your home

by:AisDecor      2022-02-19
The toddler bed is a part of every child's childhood, carrying the child's good memories. Therefore, parents will pay special attention to choosing the right toddler bed for their child. So, when customizing a home, what criteria should we base on choosing a toddler bed? How to choose the right toddler bed? Today, Chengdu custom home furnishing companies are here to give you an answer. The quality of the toddler bed is the main factor to ensure that the toddler bed is durable and not easy to break. Of particular note are the bunk beds with slides. The material selection of the toddler bed is also particularly important, and the selected material is safe and will not cause harm to young children. Currently, most parents will opt for solid wood cribs. The main reason is that solid wood materials are greener and healthier than man-made materials. You should also pay attention to whether the paint on the crib is harmful to children. If a child breathes lead paint, it will cause serious injury to the child. The surface of the ordinary children's solid wood bed is coated with a layer of paint to prevent the raw material from cracking, so parents need to pay attention when buying it back. We can smell the toddler bed and it usually smells a bit when we just bought it. This requires us to place the toddler bed in a cool, shady, windy environment so that residual odors will evaporate before use. Indoor space factors When choosing the appropriate size of the toddler bed, you should also consider whether the structure of the crib itself is coordinated with the indoor space of the family. If the indoor space is not too large, choose a normal toddler bed for your baby. A bunk toddler bed is a great option, with the upper level for children's toys and the lower level for toddlers to sleep in. There are also tatami mats with lockers, which can also help parents save space. Size Factors The size of a toddler bed should be chosen based on its height and rate of physical development. Typically, younger children typically use a toddler bed that is 160 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 35 cm high, while older children can use a toddler bed that is 180 cm long, 120 cm wide, and 40 cm high. Children's own factors The use cycle of the nursery bed is long, so the choice of color is very important. In view of the difficult problem of choosing the color of the toddler bed, we should pay more attention when purchasing. There are two detailed forms. First, consider your child's personality and preferences. When it comes to colors, styles and sizes, we should be good at listening to our children and try to choose a color that your baby likes. Second, choose a child's bed in simple colors and patterns. When choosing a crib, you should also consider your child's personality. Parents should make their own judgments. A lively and cheerful child should try to choose a shorter toddler bed for him, mainly to ensure his safety. A quieter child may consider choosing a higher toddler bed for him. Choose the right style based on your child's characteristics Every child has different characteristics at different ages. Parents should not ignore this. For example, children aged 3-5 are active and color sensitive. At this time, they should choose a toddler bed with storage features and bright colors. When the child reaches 6-7 years old, the child care bed should consider the two functions of entertainment and learning. At this time, we can consider the type of combined toddler bed.
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