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How Chengdu custom furniture manufacturers judge the quality of the board

by:AisDecor      2022-02-16
For custom furniture, the board should be one of the most important components. The quality of a board can be defined from four attributes: static zone strength, water expansion rate, formaldehyde release, and spiral force. Why are these four attributes important? Let Chengdu custom furniture manufacturers explain in detail: how good is the strength of static bending? The strength of static bending is an important factor that determines whether the cabinet will bend or even break in future use. The static bending strength of the plate is related to the raw material. In general, the physical properties of wood grown in alpine forest areas are more stable. If the age of the tree is too short, the value of static bending strength will be low, so the age of the tree is about 15-30 years old. In addition, the production process can also have an important influence on the static bending strength of the sheet. Reasonable technology can make the plate structure stable and not easy to deform and deform. Of course, in reality, the deformation of custom furniture cabinets is not only related to the strength of static bending, but also to the span of the laminate. In pursuit of the so-called effect, some consumers are asking designers to make some cabinet laminates extra large, bending most of the time, no matter what the board is. Water Swell Rate I'm sure everyone can literally know that this property represents the 'moisture resistance' of your cabinet. If you want to be afraid of blisters, there are two types of cabinets, one is brick/cement and the other is stainless steel! Therefore, for the board, moisture-proof is only to ensure that the air in the kitchen has a relatively large water content (there may be a small amount of water in the sink cabinet) and will not expand and deform, affecting the balance of forces. Nail holding power for tables and hinges. The cut is related to the water swelling rate of the sheet and also to the edge sealing process after the sheet is cut. It is recommended that you pay attention to two points when purchasing cabinets: whether the board used in the cabinet meets the maximum water expansion standard (less than 8%); generally look at the edge sealing process of the purchased cabinet sample cabinet: observe whether the edge seal is smooth and whether there is any Overflow glue, whether it falls off, etc. Regarding the environmental protection issues of various customized furniture wood-based panels, well-known brands are not worth worrying about, and some environmentally friendly brand panels may even exceed the so-called E0. Use these boards to make furniture without worrying about environmental protection issues.
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