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How can Chengdu custom wardrobes save money

by:AisDecor      2022-02-16
How can Chengdu custom wardrobes save money? There are not 10 but 7 of the new home decor custom closets. Calculate carefully, bedroom, cloakroom, bay window, study, etc., the same brand and accessories may have thousands more custom wardrobes than others, so what is the difference? First of all, let's take a look at the algorithm of wardrobe customization in Chengdu. There is no uniform price algorithm for custom wardrobes, and it is difficult to guarantee the same price of the same material. Also, some unscrupulous traders may make unreasonable offers. One algorithm is calculated by the projected area: custom wardrobe price u003d length * width * projected area unit price + hardware accessories and other accessories prices. Another custom wardrobe price algorithm is calculated according to the expanded area: custom wardrobe price u003d size of each wardrobe panel (m2) * material price (yuan/m2) + hardware and other accessories price, this algorithm is relatively more complex, but also more transparent , but we have to be careful about some loopholes in price calculation, what the specific expansion area algorithm contains, especially whether the price of some parts is calculated separately. Pay attention to the following tips: 1. Please pay attention to whether the size of the design drawings is consistent with the actual situation, because the calculation of the price of customized wardrobes is based on the size of the finished product, so if the design drawings do not match the actual, the calculated budget price will be different from the actual price huge. 2. Choose a style, but be aware of situations that require more structure due to style influences. 3. The contract should indicate the materials and brands used in each part of the wardrobe. 4. How to choose parts. Whether it's a wardrobe or a cabinet, parts are the key to its longevity, and when customizing a wardrobe, be sure to ask about the brand and quality of the parts. Pulley: The core technical part of the sliding door, when you check it on site, you should see if it is easy to push and pull, smooth, flexible and stable. Drawer: A good drawer will use three rails to pull out the entire wardrobe for easy access. Clothes hanger: The clothes hanger with rubber strip has a sound-absorbing effect. The aluminum alloy material is good, the hardness is high, and the bearing capacity is strong. Some manufacturers will also add reinforcement belts inside. Custom wardrobes should also be closed to the top. The aesthetic appearance cannot be ignored. Although there is a large wardrobe, it is difficult to accept if it is too ugly. The wardrobes are often divided into top-top and non-top-top wardrobes. We prefer top-top wardrobes. The wardrobe design is usually simple and smooth, simple and generous, and almost integrated with the entire bedroom. There will be gray space at the top of the wardrobe design without the top, which is not easy to clean. How can Chengdu custom wardrobes save money? The key is to pay attention to every detail before placing an order.
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