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How about the trend of the whole house customization industry in Chengdu

by:AisDecor      2022-02-17
Whole house custom furniture is an important part of modern home decoration, and consumers are paying more and more attention to it. It has become the home decoration product of choice for most consumers. It can be said that it is not only related to the design style of the home, but also reflects the owner's feelings and attitudes towards home life to a certain extent. China's whole-house custom furniture is currently developing rapidly and diversified, attracting the attention of the entire home furnishing industry. As an important element of building materials decoration, statistics show that the output value of the custom furniture industry has doubled every year, and the market share of the entire home furnishing industry has reached 10%-15%. Behind market share, there is an even more attractive factor, profit. It is understood that there is huge profit space in the custom wardrobe market alone. Under the lure of the popularity and high profits of whole-house custom furniture, other industries in the field of home building materials are paying attention to it. The cross-border management of enterprises is a common phenomenon in the home furnishing industry. For example, the floor is also made by wooden door manufacturers, the furniture is also made by paint brands, and even ceramics are made by cabinet manufacturers, so the cross-border operation of enterprise-wide custom furniture seems reasonable. Facing the challenges of other brand companies, how will the whole house custom furniture company fight? There are strong competitors in the industry, which will greatly promote the healthy development of the entire industry. Custom furniture and finished furniture are different, and finished furniture has the greatest advantages in terms of scale and productivity. Custom furniture is a relatively personalized product, independent and privatized. In the past ten years, the furniture industry has experienced a spiral development process from small workshops to manual production, industrial production, and then to high-tech mechanized customization. Personalization has become the future development direction of the furniture industry. Under the guidance of this general direction, the customization of whole house furniture will also become an important supplement to the decoration concept. This tailor-made product customization meets the needs of consumers and will become popular and become a trend.
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