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High-end and high-end white cabinets

by:AisDecor      2021-08-06
The combination of light and dark wood colors and pure wood furniture make life return to nature, fresh and elegant. Dark wooden table, square style, neat, with white tablecloth, natural colors, making life more concise. Pure white pottery tea set with gold rim, noble and elegant. White floor-to-ceiling curtains, light yellow opaque curtains, an elegant atmosphere permeates the entire space. Light gray chair, comfortable appearance, small round table cloth with white lace edges, looking out the window, fresh and natural. Decorate a pot of green plants to make life more leisurely and comfortable. White tablecloth with white tea cup and gold frame, highlighting the noble atmosphere. Put some fruits on the table to add bright colors. Grey linen tables and chairs, wooden dining tables, retro colors are closer to nature. The work area uses wood panels, white computer keyboards and metal frames to make the modern atmosphere stronger and the perfect combination of modernity and nature. The length of the small partition wall made of wooden boards is different between the upper and lower floors. Some small decorations are placed on it, which not only plays a decorative role, but also increases the three-dimensional effect. The dark gray fabric sofa has a broad shape, soft and comfortable, and two large cushions are more comfortable, freeing us from busy work. With a white cushion, it is more beautiful and fresher. Oval wood coffee table, the wood texture is fresh and visible, plus a pot of green leaves, the wind blows the whole space fresh and natural. The kitchen is clean and tidy, and the whole is white. Guizhou cabinets are custom made without other decorations, plain white, closer to nature, making our lives simple and warm. The door-pull type overall cabinet, multi-level kitchen supplies, not only saves space, but also neat and unified, making the kitchen look more spacious and tidy. The black stove, matched with the overall white kitchen, black and white, also demonstrates the noble and elegant atmosphere, and everything is naturally coordinated. All cabinets, also called 'all kitchensIt is characterized by the inorganic combination of customized cabinets with operating tables, kitchen utensils and various functional components, and through various configurations, designs and constructions according to the characteristics of the kitchen structure, area and family members in the consumer's home. It initially constitutes a complete set of products; completes the tasks of each process in the kitchen; coordinates everything to create a good family atmosphere and a strong life atmosphere. Cabinet: According to the space structure, it includes wall cabinets, floor cabinets, decorative cabinets, high-rise cabinets, etc. Cabinet door: Choose a larger one, composed according to information, including wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, curtain doors, etc. Decorative panels: including partition walls, roofs, roof panels, rear wall decorations, etc. Countertops: including natural stone, fireproof board, natural quartz stone, stainless steel countertops, natural stone countertops, high-quality stone countertops, etc. Feet: Including pedals, adjusting feet and connectors. Plastic and aluminum alloy pedals are usually used to adjust the pedals. Hardware accessories: including door hinges, guide rails, handles, lifting codes, other structural accessories, decorative accessories, etc. Functional accessories: including star basin (natural stone basin, stainless steel basin), faucet, water dispenser, soap liquid, various pull baskets, pull racks, shelves, lunch boxes, slag buckets, etc. Lamps and lanterns: lamps, ceiling lamps, all kinds of common lamps and lanterns of built-in and outer cabinet
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