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Four major links that need to be paid attention to when installing custom cabinets

by:AisDecor      2021-07-28
Many customers have selected satisfying custom made kitchen cupboards after choosing among the thousands, believing that they only need to wait for the finished product to be completed. In fact, they all overlooked a very important stage-on-site supervision. Although the custom made kitchen cupboards panels are critical, installation is also important. Pay attention to the following four points during the whole installation process, which can save you a lot of money. 1. Independent cabinets When we customize custom made cabinets, we try our best to choose independent cabinets. Since the independent cabinets have a strong gripping ability, they will be firmer when placed on the road, and the use period will be longer in the middle and late stages. , But if it is not for the independent cabinet, then it is very likely that the problem will appear at the beginning of the two years after it has not worked, which will affect the normal application. The key is that the costs of the two are all similar, so there is no doubt that you should choose an independent cabinet. body. 2. Clean installation Generally speaking, reliable manufacturers will suggest that customers clean installation, because it will be much more convenient. If the installation is dusty, then it will be customized on the spot, so it will be installed in the home. Areas lead to destruction, especially floor tiles and walls. Even if they do not have them, they will mess up the home. After customizing the custom made kitchen cupboards, the house must be cleaned up again, which can be said to have increased a lot of inconvenience. 3. The thickness of the plates. Everyone installs custom made kitchen cupboards. The thickness of the plates is divided into various specifications and models. There are 14, 16, 18mm. The thicker the better, the higher the price, but there is no need to choose expensive ones. Generally speaking 16 and 18mm are sufficient, but if you choose 18mm, then you must determine the specifications and models before installation. 4. The quality of wall-mounted panels. When we install custom made kitchen cupboards, the kitchen cabinet panels on the side of the wall are generally invisible, and some processing companies will be shoddy here, and the back of the wall-mounted The board will choose some fake and inferior boards to install, which will reduce a lot of cost, but the market price is still the same, so that you will get greater rights and interests. Therefore, in the case of stock purchases, you must be careful and careful. The quality of backing kitchen cabinet panels.
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