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Development Trend of Whole House Custom Furniture in Chengdu

by:AisDecor      2022-02-17
In recent years, the development of whole-house custom furniture in Chengdu has been in full swing, and 'custom furniture' and 'integrated home' have become very popular words in the home furnishing industry. At the same time, Chengdu, as one of the popular stores in recent years, has attracted the attention of investors in the entire housing customization industry. After the rapid development in 2019, there are more than a dozen listed companies in the industry, and various standard systems are gradually improving. Today, we will discuss the development trend of Chengdu whole house custom furniture in 2020. 1. Online drainage In the Internet era, science and technology are developing, and society is also progressing. Online drainage has won more attention from enterprises. For example, Chengdu Whole House Custom Furniture Network has been solving traffic problems through content, WeChat, live broadcast, etc. Now short video is a popular way of publicity. Attract consumers' attention through short videos, and then realize the realization of traffic. We can also build a Tmall mall platform to empty stores across the country, so that the distribution of channels in Taiwan and regions can be divided into two models: Tmall-based general investment platform and regional localization as oriented promotion. 2. Resource integration + cooperative mergers and acquisitions Now, the home furnishing industry is not satisfied with the manufacture of a single piece of furniture. More and more furniture manufacturers are developing into the whole-house custom furniture industry, which means horizontal expansion of custom enterprise product lines. If they want to integrate soft products into the whole home furnishing industry, the product line will be more limitless. This undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for customized enterprises. Now, consumers don't have the time and energy to choose furniture, and they don't want to go to so many suppliers. In addition to convenience, there are also issues such as style matching and after-sales service. If only one home consumption platform is provided, it will be very convenient for consumers. Therefore, the best way to achieve overall home decoration and provide one-stop service is integration. There are three ways for the traditional building materials industry to achieve overall home decoration. One is to produce and solve it yourself. The second is to use external forces to cooperate in production. The third is integration and integration. Consolidation Mergers are a convenient way to achieve a whole family. Therefore, to develop whole house customization and full decoration, it is necessary to integrate resources and cooperate with different enterprises. With the development of the times, many traditional home furnishing materials companies and even home appliance companies have entered the field of customization. In this regard, industry insiders believe that the advantages and disadvantages of the transformation of traditional home furnishing enterprises to whole-house custom furniture coexist. The advantage of this is that the experience and sales model of traditional large-scale enterprises in terminal operators are mature, large-scale and well-funded. The downside is that they haven't learned the essence of customization. Therefore, according to the status quo of industry development, cooperation or mergers and acquisitions will become the future development direction of Chengdu's whole-house custom furniture industry.
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