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Custom cupboards cabinets cleaning and maintenance tips

by:AisDecor      2021-07-22

Custom cupboards cabinets must be irregular maintenance and maintenance, so as to use for a longer time, clean the kitchen, can make cooking also become a kind of fun. Below Guizhou billion cabinet lives in limited company to share a few practical small tips to everyone, hope everyone's kitchen is so warm and delicate forever.

Natural stone wax maintenance

The characteristic of natural stone material is surface pore is bigger, if encounter any besmirch or moisture in the process that because this is used, ought to deal with immediately, lest mesa of ambry of dirty infiltration stone material. Usually cleaning can only use water or colorless neutral and mild cleaning solvent, if the choice of too acid or alkali products may cause damage to the custom cupboards cabinets. Regular ground is used to maintain wax to undertake maintenance, also become the necessary condition of simple sense of appearance of natural stone material ambry mesa.

Stainless steel cabinet soft cloth cleaning

Metal material is easy to clean and durable, usually with dry soft cloth to clean, but must pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and along the stainless steel wool wire direction to wipe, so as not to cause scratches. If the use of water or detergent must immediately wipe with a soft cloth, so as not to cause unnecessary water marks. Proper use of professional product maintenance, more can long protect stainless steel custom cupboards cabinets luster and uniform appearance of texture.

Solid wood material is treated gently

Nothing natural is suitable for extreme conditions. Accordingly, too dry or too wet environment can cause harm to woodiness ambry door plank. Surface of board of door of general woodiness ambry can pass special treatment, in order to aggrandizement product service life. You can wipe it with a wet leather cloth and then dry it with a dry leather cloth. In the case of must use detergent, must also choose a gentle cleaning product, and then wipe with water after drying. In order to avoid dry crack, in the maintenance can choose bilizhu maintenance cleaning wax wipe. But also avoid using products containing nitrate or synthetic resins, which can cause damage to custom cupboards cabinets and kitchenware.

Paint door is most afraid of water marks

When door of lacquer ambry undertakes cleanness to bake, need to wipe lightly with clean wet cloth only, wipe with soft and clean cloth immediately afterwards, lest leave water mark, cause not beautiful circumstance. If detergent must be used, it is better to use the original or professional cleaning products, and pay attention to avoid using detergent containing nitrate or synthetic resin, then wipe with a wet cloth, and dry with a soft cloth.

Artificial stone ark uses maintain fluid

The custom ambry of man-made stone make it, need to wipe with clear water only normally can. If any besmirch remains, the clean solvent that needs tie-in neutral or weak alkali, weak acid is wiped. If the appearance is damaged, it needs to be polished again to keep the surface fresh. Use regularly at ordinary times maintain fluid appropriately to undertake maintain, also can prolong the life of ambry mesa effectively.

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