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Chengdu whole house custom manufacturers tell you: custom furniture should pay attention to these

by:AisDecor      2022-02-17
As the name implies, the whole house customization is based on the structure and size of the room, and the company will customize the personalized furniture for the owner according to the owner's usage habits. Whole house custom furniture usually includes wardrobes, TV cabinets, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, desks, bookcases, entrance cabinets, tatami mats, etc. Whole house customization can meet individual needs to a large extent, maximize the use of space, and improve the utilization of indoor space. In fact, there are still many pits in custom furniture. Today, the whole house custom manufacturer in Chengdu will tell you what to pay attention to in custom furniture. There are four details that need to be paid attention to in the customization of the whole house: 1) There are many kinds of panel cabinets, which will attract people's attention when choosing. As a result, they are deceived by merchants. In fact, don't look at the board so much, you only need to understand the material and processing technology of the board, these two points are directly related to the board's load-bearing, environmental protection and durability. It is recommended to choose particle boards with good pressure resistance, environmental protection and durability. However, many businesses will deceive customers with similar plates of slightly lower quality, which requires us to contact a professional in advance to check whether it meets the standard. Don't buy other brands of plates easily, you must choose plates from regular manufacturers, such as Bunny, Kronosbon, Egger, etc. are good brands. 2) Backplane This place is often overlooked by everyone. Usually, it is close to the wall. There are thin backplanes and thick backplanes. Many businesses recommend that you choose a thin 9mm backplane to keep costs down. In fact, this is a business practice. Don't listen, try to choose an 18mm thick backplate to avoid problems in the future. 3) Hardware Many whole-house customization companies will not tell you in advance that you need to pay for the hardware materials of the cabinet. Then you also have to pay for various accessories, which actually increases the price. So in the early stages of customization, you can talk about those details and save money. In addition, the quality of hardware can not be ignored, which is directly related to the service life of the cabinet in the future. Ask about hardware brands to ensure quality. 4) The quality of edge sealing will also affect the service life of the cabinet, and good edge sealing will not cause warping of the cabinet feet. There are woodworking edging, EVA edging, PUR edging and laser edging in the market. Generally, woodworking edge sealing will use white latex, non-toxic glue, but the glue is good or bad, it is recommended to choose big brand glue, strong adhesion, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and safe. It is enough to use EVA edge sealing for the brand cabinets customized for the whole house. Although the PUR edge sealing and laser edge sealing are good in craftsmanship, the price is high and the cost performance is average. The designer is also the key: in addition to these, another key point of the whole house customization is the level of the designer. Many companies only issue orders quickly for market promotion, and have low requirements for designers, resulting in uneven levels of designers. This also reminds you that when choosing custom furniture, you should know the background of the designer beforehand, ask the designer more about his ideas, and see if he has the skills, otherwise the design will be neither beautiful nor practical. Tips not to be deceived: 1) Quote in advance, calculate the price of each cabinet, and see if there are overpaid or value-added items; 2) Do not pay in full directly, and keep at least 10% of the balance. In this way, even if there is a problem with the acceptance in the future, it can be solved through negotiation, so it will not be a complete waste of money. 3) Choose a big brand with after-sales guarantee.
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