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Chengdu Whole House Custom Brand Which Is Better

by:AisDecor      2022-02-17
I believe that many newcomers are completely unfamiliar with the whole-house customization brands in Chengdu, and they are at a loss when faced with various whole-house customization brands. Find out if they are professional from the custom steps. The first step, the big brand of Chengdu whole house customization can be customized online or experience the service on site. Whether you are ready to buy a set of furniture or custom furniture, or choose a style, and want to know what materials . For example, the customization of the entire house, as a professional customization service for an old-fashioned house in the industry, only needs to make an online appointment, and a customer service staff will contact you to communicate with you about customization issues. At the same time, the offline experience store will also provide on-site experience services. First step, reasonable design scheme and quotation Chengdu whole house custom brand usually provides free on-site measurement service for professional designers, after completion, the designer will soon provide more detailed design drawings and some detailed door styles and hardware accessories. Waiting for the plan and giving the initial quotation time, in this planning and quotation process, you can basically determine whether you can meet your decoration needs and psychological price. STEP 3, FREE SHIPPING, FREE INSTALLATION SERVICE A good Chengdu whole house customization brand will provide free guaranteed home delivery service. During delivery, the furniture will be guaranteed to be intact and at the same time, there will be no additional costs during delivery and installation. Just like the service, the custom furniture will take the initiative to contact the customer to confirm the specific installation time after the furniture is completed, and will be delivered to the door by a professional delivery and installation team, which can provide customers with free door-to-door delivery and free installation services, saving worry and effort . The fourth step, reliable service, good brand provides lifelong maintenance Chengdu whole house custom brand installation, after a long period of use, there may be small problems with the furniture, choosing a good brand will provide different products within a certain period of time Warranty service or lifetime maintenance service. In this regard, we provide customers with 'warranty period' and 'lifetime maintenance' services to ensure that customers do not have concerns about later maintenance.
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