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Chengdu custom furniture price

by:AisDecor      2022-02-17
How much is the price of custom furniture in Chengdu? How to choose a custom furniture brand manufacturer in Chengdu? Some people buy solid wood furniture for health reasons, some people buy solid wood furniture for Zhangxian grade, and some people buy solid wood furniture for environmental protection. ! So how is its price? We all know that the sales price of solid wood furniture in the market is uneven, and the price of custom furniture is affected by many factors, and the gap is very large. The price of custom furniture in Chengdu varies. Many people hear that some merchants in the market offer inflated prices, which makes these people misunderstood. After hearing some merchants introduce products that are like that, and the prices are cheap, they do not hesitate after that. I bought fake solid wood furniture and falsely claimed that it was custom made of solid wood panels. In fact, everyone should look at this situation more rationally. Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood. Now it is basically imported wood, and the cost is very high, so it is impossible to have a low price. The characteristics of customized solid wood furniture are that it maintains the beautiful texture of high-quality logs, and overcomes the characteristics of cracks, warping and deformation when using wood in a large area, improves the utilization rate of wood, and appears higher grade and more elegant. The method of judging the authenticity of solid wood furniture in custom furniture is mainly by observing the texture of custom furniture. Solid wood custom furniture has natural texture, variable shapes (such as curved surfaces, carvings), and its environmental protection performance is higher than that of panel furniture. However, solid wood furniture also has obvious disadvantages: when making the bearing part of the furniture, if it is made into thin plates, such as side panels, frames, it is easy to be replaced when customizing the furniture. In order to create unique furniture products that meet personal preferences, high quality and environmental protection, in the whole process, designers refer to customers' ideas and requirements, and formulate specific requirements according to personal preferences, such as color and style matching, Personalized design and other details design the style of furniture and select materials to meet the customized needs of customers.
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